#​280 — March 17, 2023

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AWS Application Composer Now GA: Build Serverless Apps on a 'Visual Canvas' — This visual builder was previewed back at AWS re:Invent last year, and it’s now generally available. It’s a tool to help you compose and configure serverless apps from AWS services backed by deployment-ready infrastructure as code. Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogels notes it “simplifies and accelerates the architecting, configuring, and building of serverless applications”. This post shares a quick introduction as to how to use it.

Channy Yun

Serverless in 2023 — Following a recent podcast appearance, Mike reflects on the trajectory of serverless over the past eight years, looking at the enterprise offering, complications with Lambda, event-driven adoption, and more.

Mike Roberts

Build Your Dream App with a Free, Serverless SQL Database — For app developers, the best database is the one that does the best job at getting out of the way. CockroachDB serverless is built to do just that. Spin it up. Scale it out. Set it, forget it, and focus on building. Create your *free* cluster today.

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The Inside Story on Mountpoint, A File-Based Client for S3 — Mountpoint for Amazon S3 is an application (now in alpha) from AWS Labs that lets you mount an S3 bucket to a directory on your file system and use it in such a manner.

James Bornholt, Devabrat Kumar, and Andy Warfield

An Open Source Serverless Maps Solution — The cost savings of the approach shared here, when compared to using the Google Maps API, is notable, as highlighted in this Hacker News discussion.


In Defense of Serverless — A reply to the recent ‘Don’t Be Fooled by Serverless’ piece from Basecamp co-founder and Ruby on Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson (a.k.a. 'DHH').

Hendrik Nehnes

▶  How to Create a Serverless Cloud Workstation — Google's Cloud Workstations provides preconfigured managed development environments in the cloud, accessible from the browser.

Google Cloud Tech


AWS Anti-Competitive Move Hidden in Plain Sight? — “there’s one particular aspect of how AWS advantages its own offerings that I don’t see folks talking about–and strikes me as particularly egregious”.

Corey Quinn

The Problem with Serverless,  From a Serverless 'Addict' — What a self-described ‘serverless addict’ sees as the biggest problems facing serverless today.

JV Roig

Passwordless Authentication Made Easy with Cognito — A straightforward step-by-step guide showing how to implement passwordless authentication with the fully-managed Amazon Cognito service.

Yan Cui

Thoughts on Two Years with a Flat-File Serverless Hugo Site
Martin Ricken

Why Serverless Is Inherently More Secure Than Containers
JV Roig

Import Leads from Google Forms Into Your CRM with OpenFaaS
Alex Ellis