#​279 — March 3, 2023

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Is AWS 'Asleep At The Lambda Wheel'? — Cloud economist Corey Quinn quips about the forgotten nature of AWS Lambda, noting that its “value proposition was and remains that it removes undifferentiated heavy lifting for customers”, before asking AWS to pick things up again. A lack of updates for Python, Ruby and Go runtimes all come into question here.

Corey Quinn

How Cloudflare Built an SEO Tool on Workers, D1, and Queues — It’s an open source tool for monitoring new site content called Prospector. If you use Cloudflare’s serverless platform at all, though, you may be more interested in this post which explains just how such a tool came together.

Kristian Freeman and Neal Kindschi (Cloudflare)

Free Course: Try Knative — Try Knative in this free course from top-Udemy instructor, Justin Mitchel. You'll learn how to deploy serverless containerized applications on Kubernetes by using Knative. This course is available on-demand to learn at your own pace. Start Now.

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Don't Be Fooled by Serverless — Basecamp co-founder and Ruby on Rails creator (often known as "DHH") offers up a 'warning' of sorts: “The cloud is primarily for companies that have big swings in use. [...] Serverless doesn’t change that”. And yet in a round about way, he sells the idea of serverless too: "if you only need a few functions executed every now and then, this works out for you as a customer ..."

David Heinemeier Hansson

The Biggest Problem with EventBridge Scheduler and How to Fix it — One-off schedules are not automatically deleted after they have been executed, so here, Yan shares a fix.

Yan Cui

Introducing AWS Lambda Powertools for .NET — Lambda Powertools .NET is now generally available. The library helps implement observability when running functions based on .NET 6 while reducing the amount of custom code. The Python equivalent is extremely popular and paved the path to this.

Amir Khairalomoum (AWS)


Automate Your Life and Save Time By Going Serverless — Allen notes that there are probably a few things you do every day that could be automated, and then shares how building quick serverless integrations can help lighten the load.

Allen Helton

EventBridge Pipes: A Comparison Before and After — Shows how the method for integrating a SQS with a Step Function has changed following the EventBridge Pipes release.

Antonio Lagrotteria

Experiments in Mitigating Serverless Cold Start Delays on JavaScript-Based Platforms — If you’re using Node.js for serverless functions on Vercel or Netlify, is a ‘cold start’ delay still a thing, and would frequently pinging a function mitigate against it? In short, using such platforms raise key considerations versus going with AWS Lambda directly, say.

Punit Sethi

algnhsa 1.0: AWS Lambda Go net/http Server Adapter — Enables running Go webapps on AWS Lambda and API Gateway/ALB without changing existing HTTP handlers.

Artem Krylysov

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