#​278 — February 17, 2023

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Bringing JavaScript to WebAssembly for Shopify Functions — Focused on a specific use case at e-commerce provider Shopify, but a fascinating look at how they’re integrating JavaScript and WebAssembly under tight constraints to flesh out their serverless-feeling Shopify Functions platform (but which is essentially a way to customize the Shopify backend on the fly).

Surma (Shopify)

Energy Savings and Serverless Principles — “Being more efficient with serverless not only leads to cost-savings, but it’s also paving the way for better environmental practices in tech operations”. Looks at the sustainable impact of serverless and what needs to happen for that eco potential to scale.

Thomas Kräuter

Stop Babysitting App Infrastructure — Engineering teams can’t afford to waste engineering hours managing servers that should be spent building features. Go serverless with help from Google Cloud Run — download this free O’Reilly book to get started.

CockroachDB sponsor

Serverless AWS CDK Pipeline Best Practices & Patterns — An opinionated discussion around how to set up, structure, and deploy your AWS CDK Serverless apps using CDK Pipelines.

Lee James Gilmore


Run An Active-Passive, Multi Region API using Aurora RDS Global Cluster — How to build and run REST APIs that are highly available across multiple AWS regions using an “active-passive” setup.

Ramani and Thangavelu (AWS)

AWS Lambda Layers Best Practices — Covers AWS Lambda layers basics, the pros and cons, and some best practice recommendations.

Ran Isenberg

Implementing Reactive Progress Tracking for AWS Step Functions
Alexey Paramonov

How to Handle Serverful Resources When Using Ephemeral Environments
Yan Cui

Five Control Points to Implement Serverless Integration Tests 'Like A Boss'
Corentin Doue

A 'Low Code' Way to Add a Serverless Authentication Microservice to your HTML, CSS & JavaScript App
Hrushi M