#​270 — November 18, 2022

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Serverless Cloud Spins Off as Ampt — Serverless Inc’s cloud platform (released with much fanfare in October 2021) is being spun off into a new company — Ampt. Jeremy Daly (famous for his Serverless Chats podcast) will lead as CEO of the new firm. In this introductory post Jeremy describes it as "a developer platform that automatically provisions, manages, and optimizes cloud infrastructure by inferring requirements from your application code". The service isn't live in its new guise yet, but there is a waiting list if you want to give it a go via early access.

Austen Collins

[eBook] What is Identity-Native Infrastructure Access? — Now you can stop sharing passwords or other secrets and grant access based on an individual's identity. Download the first chapters to learn more about this seismic shift in access and prevent breaches by eliminating secrets.

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☁️  Cloudflare Says Welcome to the 'Supercloud' — Lambdas, edges, functions, serverless.. Put those things together and you get what Cloudflare call, by way of a new catch-all term, the ‘Supercloud’. “The foundations of the Supercloud are compute and data services that make running any size application efficient and infinitely scalable without the baggage of the cloud as it exists today.” Should we be rebranding to Supercloud Status?

John Graham-Cumming

☁️ Cloudflare's week of announcements:

Amazon Aurora Serverless V2 Now Available in 20 Regions — …including Asia Pacific (Osaka), Asia Pacific (Jakarta) and Middle East (Bahrain). Serverless v2 is available for the MySQL 8.0+ and Postgres 13+-compatible editions of Aurora.


'The Cloud Isn't The Issue, You're Just Using It Wrong' — “I’m just going to come right out and say it: if you’re running VMs or Kubernetes in the public cloud, you’re almost certainly doing it wrong.”

Jeremy Daly

Introducing PlanetScale Boost: Even Faster Serverless MySQL Queries — This is a new in-beta optimization layer that claims to make existing SQL queries up to 1,000× faster. Here’s a blog post digging into how those reported performance improvements are made.

Rick Branson

Simpler Observability with Lambda Telemetry API — Some initial poking around a new Lambda feature (that we featured last week).

Oguzhan Ozdemir

💰🔥  'How We Accidentally Burned $40,000 by Calling Recursive Patterns' — Another opportunity to learn from someone else's mistake.
Dheeraj Inampudi

Edge Computing Startup Macrometa Raises Funding, Partners with Akamai
Duncan Riley