#​269 — November 11, 2022

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Introducing Amazon EventBridge Scheduler — Step aside CloudWatch Events! This new serverless scheduler is designed to manage and run scheduled tasks at scale all across AWS. It can be used for one-time events or recurrently across many AWS services without the need to manage the infrastructure. You get 1 million 'schedules' per AWS account to work with.

Marcia Villalba (AWS)

'I'm Skeptical About My Company Going “Full Serverless”' — A developer at a company where an external consultant has recommended switching out all their VM based services for serverless ones is unsure about the recommendation. Luckily Hacker News’s readers were ready to jump in with their opinions.

Hacker News

Read This Before You Rebuild Your Internal Notification Microservice — Your CTO has just handed you a project to revamp your product’s notification system. It seemed like a simple and straightforward project, but you later found out it’s quite complex and critical to your user's experience. Check out this guide.

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Understanding Total Cost of Ownership of Serverless and Container Apps — Allen dives in to ‘total cost of ownership’ (TCO) to help explain why even though a serverless bill might be higher, it likely still costs your company less money on the whole.

Allen Helton

Introducing the AWS Lambda Telemetry API — re:Invent hasn’t even started yet and the announcements from AWS are coming out thick and fast. Lambda’s Telemetry API is an enhanced version of its Logs API and is designed for receiving enhanced function telemetry directly from a Lambda service to send it to custom destinations.

Anton Aleksandrov (AWS)

Jamstack Community Survey Results 2022 — For the past 3 years, Netlify has surveyed Jamstack developers about a variety of topics, many of which cross over with the serverless world. Highlights from this year include the rise of remote work, a growing use of Jamstack for high-traffic websites, a rapidly growing usage of new frameworks like SolidJS and Remix while losing share for Gatsby and Nuxt, and fast web components and (drum roll 🥁) growth in serverless adoption.



Enriching Operational Events with AWS Serverless — A look at how you can create rules in EventBridge to react to operational events from AWS services.

Ben Moses

Substation: Create Configurable, No Maintenance, Data Pipelines — A new toolkit for creating scalable serverless data pipelines without the need to worry about clusters. Repo here.

Josh Liburdi (Brex)

Getting Started with MongoDB Atlas and Azure Functions using Node.js — Building serverless apps with Microsoft Azure Functions? Need to persist data to a database? This post looks at how to interact with MongoDB's Atlas platform from Azure functions.

Nic Raboy