#​268 — November 4, 2022

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When, and When Not, to Use a Lambda Function — With the increasing number of direct integration options between AWS services, Jérôme states that Lambda is not as essential as it used to be (Step Functions says hi!) So, when should we use it? Jérôme presents five use cases and asks: Do we need a Lambda function?

Jérôme Van Der Linden

Neptune Serverless: "Is It Really Serverless?" — Some initial thoughts on Amazon’s recent introduction of Neptune Serverless (their managed graph database service) and whether ‘autoscaling’ is a more apt label for what's going on.

Ganesh Swaminathan

Register for Unblock - A CI/CD Conference by Buildkite — Hear from industry experts on how they’re solving some of the most interesting challenges in software with cutting-edge processes and tools at Unblock, a 2-day virtual conference bringing together engineering and infrastructure leaders.

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▶  Why Build A Multi-Region Serverless Application? — Marcia is back with another video, this time looking into multi-region architectures, why you might need one, and more importantly why you may not.

FooBar Serverless

The Power of AWS SAM & AWS CDK Together — Another tutorial from Lee, this time showing us how to use AWS SAM and AWS CDK together in a serverless development to quickly push code changes to the cloud. Example code and visuals help things along here.

Lee James Gilmore


Zip It And Ship It 8.0: Prepare Node, Go and Rust Lambda Functions for Deployment — We love the name of this. One way to deploy AWS Lambda functions is by uploading a ZIP file and this will create such archives from Node, Go, or Rust programs.


How to Plan for Peak Demand on an AWS Serverless Digital-Commerce Platform — Lessons from retailers who manage Black Friday (it’s that time of year again) and other peak events on AWS using serverless technologies.

Leblanc and McLeman (AWS)

AWS Lambda Powertools for Python — This suite of utilities is a must-have if you’re working with Python driven Lambda functions at scale. You get tracing, structured logging, better metrics and more, and recent releases only see it going from strength to strength.

AWS Labs

pgdump-aws-lambda: Stream pg_dump Output to S3 via AWS Lambda — There are other ways to do this sort of thing on AWS, but this is a pretty direct and flexible way to take database backups.

James H

A Different Way of Retrieving Secrets in Lambda Functions — via the new AWS Parameters and Secrets Lambda extension we featured two weeks ago.
Arpad Toth

Getting Started with MongoDB Atlas and Azure Functions using Node.js
Denver Brittain (Microsoft)

Validating AWS Lambda Code with AWS Signer
Makendran G

Deleting Unwanted Files on EFS (Elastic File System) with a Lambda Function
Adam Shepherd