#​267 — October 28, 2022

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Amazon Neptune Serverless is Now Generally AvailableNeptune is AWS's managed graph database service and it joins some of its sister services in offering a serverless on-demand option for quickly scaling up and down based on the current workload without manual capacity management. There's documentation here outlining some use cases.

Danilo Poccia (AWS)

Build Trust with a Hardened Serverless Platform — How do developers convince their users that they and their code can be trusted? Try Conclave Cloud, a serverless confidential computing platform with built-in privacy-preserving features. Boost the security of your applications. Sign up for free.

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Which Serverless Edge Platform Has The Fastest Git Deployments? — The team behind the Deno JavaScript runtime (which itself powers the Deno Deploy platform) has tested some popular serverless edge computing providers to see which has the fastest git deployment time. Would it surprise you if Deno did pretty well in this benchmark? :-)

Andy Jiang (Deno)

Leveraging Mispriced AWS Spot Instances for Fun and Savings — AWS's spot pricing market for instances that would otherwise sit idle opens up some interesting opportunities for end users, but Eric notes that this market is 'inefficient' (in the economics sense) as customers don’t consider all instance types available. Here’s how to leverage this 'mispricing' to save even more than spot pricing already does.

Eric Pauley

Regional Execution for Ultra-Low Latency Rendering at the Edge — Vercel now offers regional Edge Functions allowing you to run functions nearer your data and avoid high-latency 'waterfalls' whilst also taking advantage of the fast cold start times of Edge Functions.

Thomson, Schlesinger, Abels (Vercel)


▶  Serverless: 'The Future of Application Development' — A half-hour session from a recent MongoDB Local San Francisco event, touching upon the serverless ecosystem, how to build serverless apps with MongoDB Atlas, and what’s in store for the future of Atlas.

Malik & Ramamurthy (MongoDB)

Serverless React SSR — Explores how to implement React Server-Side Rendering (SSR) in a serverless way on AWS using a lightweight framework.

Max Rohde

How a Centralized Cache Elevates Serverless Applications
Allen Helton

How to Perform Realtime Transformations on S3 — S3 Object Lambda to the rescue!
Sai Rahul

Optimizing AWS Lambda for Mass-Data Import
Hannes Borch

How to Get Your Data Into CockroachDB Serverless
Charlie Custer

An Easier Way to Install Tools for GitHub Actions
Alex Ellis

How to Collect and Store Data Periodically with Serverless Functions — On Scaleway's implementations of those features, anyway.
Thomas Tacquet (Scaleway)

The Quest for Serverless CQRS: An AWS DynamoDB Event Store
Josh Armitage