#​266 — October 21, 2022

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AWS Unveils a Parameters and Secrets Lambda Extension — This went down very well with the serverless community on Twitter. Essentially it lets your Lambda functions more easily retrieve parameters and secrets from Systems Manager Parameter Store and Secrets Manager in a performant, low-latency and cheap way. Here are the docs.


Build Resilient Apps with Amazon DynamoDB Global Tables — As perhaps the ultimate 'any scale' serverless databases, DynamoDB is itself heavily used by many serverless apps. If you’re such a user, this four-part series (parts 2, 3, and 4) on creating even more resilient apps by using DynamoDB’s global table support should be of immense value.

Randy DeFauw (AWS)

Database Scaling Simplicity — PolyScale is an intelligent, serverless database edge cache. Using PolyScale, you can distribute your database compute and storage globally, dramatically lowering latency for data-driven applications.

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Three Crucial Caching Choices: Where, When, and How — Alex looks at three key choices to consider when trying to settle on a caching strategy “that gets all the customer delight and none of the footgun” — the where (local vs. remote), the when (read vs. write) and the how (inline vs. aside).

Alex DeBrie

Building an OCR Service with Amazon Textract and AWS Lambda — Optical Character Recognition (OCR) automates the extraction of text from images. Amazon’s Textract is a managed OCR service and you can, unsurprisingly, orchestrate it from Lambda.

Muhammed Ali


How to Use Google Sheets as a Database from React — Google’s Sheets isn’t going to power the world’s next big social network by any means, but there are some interesting advantages to be had by using it for smaller apps. This post demonstrates a way to hook things up by way of a serverless function.

Paul Scanlon

Amazon Cognito Triggers: All You Need to Know — Amazon Cognito provides authentication, authorization and user management. This post dives into some real world scenarios where these triggers can help.

Depascale Matteo

Lessons Learned on Optimizing .NET on AWS Lambda — The concluding post in multi-part blog series on optimising .NET on AWS Lambda. “only execute what is needed and nothing more”.

Steve Bjorg

Serverless API Essentials: PUT vs PATCH — Careful with those HTTP verbs! It can be tricky to know when to update a resource with a PUT or a PATCH. Once you decide, choosing which serverless resources to use is your next hurdle.

Allen Helton

How to Visualize Azure Serverless Workflow Progress in Realtime — With a little cloud pubsub provided courtesy of Ably.

Marc Duiker (Ably)

How to Access the Kubernetes API from a Function
Han Verstraete (OpenFaaS Ltd)

Protecting a Static Site with Auth0, Lambda@Edge and CloudFront
Matt Martz

How to Move to Functionless Step Functions
Alex Kearns