#​265 — October 14, 2022

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AWS Announces AWS SAM Serverless Connectors — You can now use a new ‘AWS::Serverless::Connector’ resource in AWS SAM to simplify the granting of access to resources in your app’s infrastructure. This can be used either in your SAM or CloudFormation templates via the AWS Serverless CloudFormation Transform. In light of this new capability, Allan Chua shared his opinionated take on SAM connectors.

Amazon Web Services

🤔  Have Some CAKE: The New (Stateful) Serverless Stack? — Who doesn’t like inventing a new acronym? Now you can have your serverless ‘cake’ and eat it too. It may be no surprise that someone who works for Cockroach Labs places CockroachDB Serverless in the C position, but we’re less sure about “E Is for Serverless Frameworks”..

Keith McClellan

Innovate at Scale with Cloud-Native Architectures for Microservices — Go from code to containers to cloud with end-to-end developer experience using Azure Functions, Azure Container Apps & Azure Static Web Apps. Build robust application architecture for scale using cloud-native, Kubernetes and serverless technologies.

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Is Learning Serverless Really That Hard? — Serverless expert Jeremy shares that the ever increasing complexity of building serverless apps may have reached a tipping point “that’s driving developers to explore alternative solutions”.

Jeremy Daly

Cloudflare Pages Gets Even Faster with Early Hints Support — Early Hints is a new feature currently supported in Chrome version 103+ that sends “hints” to a browser about critical resources on your page (e.g. fonts, CSS, images) that the browser can immediately start loading before waiting for a full HTML response. Support is currently restricted to caching Link headers and <link> elements in HTML heads.

Greg Brimble

Introducing Gcloud Storage: Up to 94% Faster Data Transfers for Cloud Storage — This isn't a new service, but the latest transfer addition to Google Cloud's CLI which modernizes the CLI experience for working with Cloud Storage and speeds up transfers.

Sonit Tayal (Google Cloud)

The State of AWS Security — Datadog has analyzed trends in the implementation of security best practices and shares its findings with a look at various types of misconfigurations that contribute to the most common causes of security breaches.


Skip The Lambda Function, Connect Directly To Your AWS Services — Did you know API Gateway integrates directly with over 100 services? Learn how to skip past Lambda and what to watch out for when you do.

Allen Helton

Using a Netlify Edge Worker to Cut Down on Header Bloat by Removing HTML-Only Headers from Static Assets — How to use edge functions to improve a site by removing unnecessary security headers that have been added to non-HTML resources.

Phil Hawksworth

Building a PDF Generator on AWS Lambda, SQS, and S3
Lakindu Hewawasam