#​264 — October 7, 2022

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The Future of the Web is on the Edge (Says Deno) — The idea of deploying apps at ‘the edge’ isn’t particularly a serverless idea but runs orthogonally to it. Some platforms like Cloudflare Workers or Lambda@Edge go heavy on the idea, some stay centralized. Deno’s Deploy platform, as the title suggests, is going all in on serverless at the edge and Andy tries to sell us on it here (though if you live in northern Virginia you might not be a fan of Andy’s by the end of the article..!)

Andy Jiang (Deno)

The Three Pitfalls of Serverless Development Ownership — Developing on a serverless stack can be great, but Bob notes that this freedom can come with long-term risks which might not be apparent from the start.

Bob Donderwinkel

Go Serverless with Azure Functions and Azure Container Apps — Learn best practices with hands-on tutorials on functions, containers and microservices. Leverage industry standards, open-source tooling, and modern cloud-native architectures. Build and ship end-to-end solutions with seamless integrations on Azure.

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Hazelcast Aims to 'Democratize Real-Time Data' with Serverless — Hazelcast’s Viridian Serverless is a self-service provisioning process where the cluster grows and shrinks automatically based on the workload; it is also hailed as the company’s “secret weapon in its quest to democratize real-time data”.

Darryl K. Taft

How to Create, Test, and Deploy a REST API using Mocha and Google Cloud Functions — A surprisingly brief look at how to build an API that can computes the distance between two points on a map before deploying it on Google’s serverless Cloud Functions platform.

Owen Christie

Automation with BigQuery, Earth Engine, and Cloud Functions — Walks through the architecture for a recently open-sourced architecture of an automated data pipeline using BigQuery and Earth Engine.

Grace Coleman (Google)


zerocal: A Serverless Calendar App in Rust Running on shuttle.rs — How to create a calendar event from the convenience of your command line. (shuttle.rs is a serverles platform targeting Rust.)
Matthias Endler

'Stop Making Your Own AWS Lambda Layers' — …if they are already available in the AWS Serverless Application Repository, says Yann.
Yann Stoneman

Two Real World Examples of Serverless Applications — A bit of insight on two examples of real, serverless apps running in production on CockroachDB’s serverless offering.
Dan Kelly

What I Learned From Automating Millions of Web Site Deploys — Deploying a static site every second was a little extreme (but doable), but using edge functions to rewrite static content provides even more flexibility.
Phil Hawksworth