#​263 — September 30, 2022

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Introducing workerd: The Open Source Workers Runtime — Quite a big couple of weeks for Cloudflare. workerd is the JavaScript/Wasm runtime code that powers Cloudflare Workers and it's now open-source under the Apache 2.0 license which should open up some interesting ideas for local or on-prem development. (GitHub repo.)

Kenton Varda (Cloudflare)

Cloudflare R2 Now Generally Available — Another big update from Cloudflare is that their S3-a-like object storage service is now generally available. Why would you choose it over S3? Well, Cloudflare clearly isn’t keen on having “a data transfer tax every time we actually use the data” and they say they’ll “never charge for egress.”

Aly Cabral (Cloudflare)

It's only in private beta for now, but Cloudflare has also announced Cloudflare Queues, a distributed queue service very much entwined into the Workers world.

Step Inside a Serverless DB - The Linux Foundation Webinar — Join The Linux Foundation and Cockroach Labs for this upcoming webinar exploring the key architectural principles of serverless databases, and see for yourself why they’re so rapidly gaining adoption among app developers. Register now, free.

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How to Use Serverless Functions with SSR — A demo and tutorial showing how to abstract and reuse the same function logic across serverless functions, server-side rendering (SSR) and static site generation (SSG) within a Gatsby app.

Paul Scanlon

Success With Step Functions - Finding a Way To Build That Doesn't Suck — The author shares why they are still trying to use Step Functions more and Lambda functions less.

Allen Helton

Serverless Realtime Analytics for Next.js with Vercel Edge, Upstash Kafka and Tinybird — The co-founder of Upstash, a serverless Redis and Kafka platform, demonstrates how to bring together Upstash with Vercel’s edge functions and the Tinybird analytical backend to create a data pipeline with real time reporting.

Enes Akar


Validating Input Parameters in a Lambda Function — How to prevent all manner of injection attacks in a Lambda function and other types of system components.

Teri Radichel

Run a Data Processing Job on Amazon EMR Serverless with AWS Step Functions — A look at how to build and orchestrate a Scala Spark app using Amazon EMR Serverless, AWS Step Functions, and Terraform.

Rumani and Balaraman (AWS)

Integrating Amazon MemoryDB for Redis with Java-Based AWS Lambda — Discusses some of the common use cases for the Amazon MemoryDB for Redis data store.

Mansi Y Doshi and Aditya Goteti

Mantil: Serverless Development Kit for Go and AWS Lambda — A serverless SDK that handles multi-staging, automatic code push, and easy access to AWS logs.


Monitoring and Troubleshooting Apps in Azure Functions
Madhura Bharadwaj