#​271 — November 25, 2022

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Why Serverless Direct Integrations Aren't As Scary As They Sound — API Gateway direct integrations are often shrouded with mystery and doubt. But here Allen explains that they shouldn’t be.

Allen Helton

The Most Programmable 'Supercloud' with Cloudflare Snippets — Another product announcement from Cloudflare, this time it’s Snippets. A simple way to execute a small piece of JavaScript on select HTTP requests, using the ruleset engine filtering logic.

Sam Marsh

A Guide to Building Notification Systems: Scalability & Reliability — If you’re going to build your notification infrastructure internally follow these guidelines and requirements. If you’re tired of working on it, reach out, Courier can help.

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Not So Serverless Neptune — Following the launch of Amazon Neptune Serverless last month, Jeremy asks if we have strayed to far from the purest definition of serverless, to a point of no return.

Jeremy Daly

A Serverless Architecture for Analyzing Postgres Logs with pgBadger — This post shows us how to deploy pgBadger (a popular log analysis tool) in a serverless architecture where AWS RDS sends logs to S3, through SQS and AWS Lambda, then to pgBadger which outputs its reports to S3 again… whew!

Sarabu, Dave, and Townsend (AWS)

Fighting Off Faux-Serverless Bandits with the True Definition of Serverless — Defining a litmus-test of sorts for deciding what should/shouldn't be labelled as a serverless service.

Shama and Kirkconnell

The Serverless Revolution Deserves More Than Just a Serverless Database — Touches upon how serverless has eliminated many problems for application developers, but left a tricky one: managing distributed state.

James Cowling

Node.js 18.x Runtime Now Available on AWS Lambda — The AWS SDK for JavaScript has also been upgraded to v3 (here’s why that matters).

Suraj Tripathi (AWS)

What is Serverless Machine Learning? — A high-level overview/introduction.(There’s a free course attached to this.)

Feature Stores for ML

Using AWS Lambda to Create a MongoDB Connection Proxy
Adrian Smijulj