#​261 — September 16, 2022

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WunderBase: A Serverless GraphQL Database on Top of SQLite — A new, open source, serverless database providing a GraphQL API on top of SQLite, Firecracker (by way of fly.io) and Prisma. It sleeps when you don’t use it and spins up in under a second. It’s no universal solution, but presents some promising ideas I’m sure we’ll see elsewhere soon.


Running Rust-y Serverless Lambdas on AWS — A detailed look at how well Rust plays with Lambda functions on AWS (not least because Rust binaries are really quick to start). Lots of good analysis, comparisons, and data shared here.

Ervin Szilágyi

Code Capsules: The Simplest Way to Deploy Your Code — Use async tasks in your web app to give your users a smooth web experience. It’s easy with Code Capsules and Redis.

Code Capsules sponsor

'Google Cloud Functions Is Surprisingly Delightful' — The usually amusingly acerbic Corey tells us that “all things considered” Google’s 'Functions' offering provides a “delightful development experience that I’d absolutely recommend to someone who’s starting out”. He's right, but you just have to cross your fingers that they don't decide to 'sunset' it.

Corey Quinn

Serverless Architecture Layers & DDD — The Experience Layer — The first in a new series of posts, this time talking through the five Serverless Architecture Layers in detail, starting with the experience layer.

Lee James Gilmore


▶  Lift and Shift Migration to Serverless, Migrating Storage with AWS S3 and Cloudfront — Here’s another of Marcia’s accessible video tutorials, this time looking at how to migrate away from hosting images/files on your own server, to serving them from AWS S3 and Cloudfront by way of Amplify and CDK. If you'd rather read it, there's also a couple of write-ups covering the same topic on the AWS blog.

Marcia Villalba

AWS Lambda & Serverless — A Developer's Guide — This is an impressive hands-on effort from Mehmet with several articles to dive into, covering AWS Serverless with AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, S3, SNS, SQS, EventBridge, Step Functions, DynamoDB and much more.

Mehmet Ozkaya

How to Get Started with Astro and Redis — A step-by-step guide to building a site using Astro (a modern JS and 'islands architecture' oriented frontend dev toolkit) and Svelte components that uses a hosted Redis store as the data store behind a notes app.

Rodney Johnson

Building Serverless Go Apps with Azure Functions Custom Handlers

Build a Serverless 'Lie Detector' with Node.js, Azure Functions, and Azure Face API — Just for fun, of course(!)
Shreya Gupta

Logging EventBridge Events to S3 with Kinesis Data Firehose
Robert Slootjes

Tracking DynamoDB Storage History with CloudWatch
Leeroy Hannigan