#​259 — September 2, 2022

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Comparing Cloudflare Workers with Deno Deploy — A comparison of two serverless platforms — both have similarities (like implementing web APIs, such as fetch), but when it comes to, say, package management, they are quite different. Give it a few months and Oven / Bun's platform might also need to be added to the comparison..

Sam Mckenzie

Denial of Wallet Attacks: The New (D)DoS in a Serverless World — These sort of attacks have always been a relatively ‘easy’ way to inflict serious financial damages, and now with the advent of the cloud “things are going wild!” — but Sylvain points out how website owners can now deploy more resources than the attackers and gracefully handle such primitive attacks.

Sylvain Kerkour

Move Your Database Data Closer to Users — PolyScale automatically caches your database data at the edge, making data-driven apps blazingly fast. Deploy it without writing code in a few minutes. See how fast it is with our Playground demo.

PolyScale.ai sponsor

▶  One Serverless Principle to Rule Them All: Idempotency — A clear and informative ~40 minute talk explaining and exploring the importance of idempotency and how we can implement it in our own systems.

Adrienne Braganza Tacke

Best Practices for Building Serverless Microservices — Some best practices around serverless microservices shared in an effort to begin establishing some common ground and normalize standards.

Allen Helton


Automate Schema Version Control and Migration on Aurora with Flyway and AWS LambdaFlyway is a Java-based version-driven schema management tool that supports (most) SQL databases and it can be set up along with some AWS Lambda serverless functions to deploy SQL scripts into Aurora Postgres environments on a regular basis.

Gohil and Lonappan (AWS)

Building Cost-Effective AWS Step Functions Workflows — Explains the difference between Standard and Express workflows, highlighting the cost differences, how to migrate from one to the other, combine workflows, optimize costs, and more.

Benjamin Smith (AWS)

Serverless Kotlin on Google Cloud Run — Like the JVM and the Java ecosystem, but not so much the Java? Kotlin! Here we see how to build a serverless API using Ktor (a framework that, like Kotlin, is also from JetBrains) then dockerize and deploy it to Google Cloud Run.

Kshitij Chauhan

Running Serverless Applications in the Cloud — A practical dive into the AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS), by way of designing and deploying a FastAPI app on AWS.

Haseeb Kamal