#​258 — August 26, 2022

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☀️ Hey! We're back after a week's break. let's take a look at the latest serverless updates.


Cloud Functions 2nd Generation Now Generally Available — Google’s second gen take on Cloud Functions is now GA, delivering more events, compute, and control. “developers can write more powerful functions that integrate with more services, and satisfy enterprise requirements”.

Raman, Mathai (Google Cloud)

A Multi-Dimensional Approach Helps You Proactively Prepare for Failures — For those of you deep in the AWS ecosystem comes this multi-part blog series showing how to take a ‘multi-dimensional approach’ to ensure your apps, infrastructure, and operational processes can detect points of failure and can gracefully react if (and inevitably when) a failure occurs. This first part looks at creating application layer resiliency.

Kamra, Gopalan, Pimentel, Sharma (AWS)

An Email Update on the Evolving Jamstack Ecosystem — The Jamstack space is broad and complex. Brian Rinaldi breaks it all down and shares the latest news and freshest resources so that developers like you can stay in the know. Join thousands and add JAMstacked to your inbox reads.


Speeding Up Incremental Changes with AWS SAM Accelerate and Nested Stacks — Shares how to increase development velocity by using AWS SAM Accelerate with AWS CloudFormation nested stacks.

Jeff Marcinko and Brian Zambrano

Add Personalization to Static HTML with Netlify Edge Functions — One of the benefits of edge functions is the ability to intercept the response and modify it on-the-fly. As Salma shows, this means that you can add personalization to otherwise “static” pages without requiring client-side JavaScript.

Salma Alam-Naylor


Dynamic Link Previews for a React SPA using AWS Lambda@Edge — Using AWS’s edge-based serverless function service to render an index.html with dynamic meta tags to support link previews on WhatsApp, Twitter, and similar services for a React single page app.

Gareth Cronin

Serverless Security 101: How to Think About Serverless Cloud Security? — Sure, your cloud provider might be supplying all the infrastructure you need, but you still need to protect it. Here’s a look at how to approach it.

Yossi Ittach

Debugging and Monitoring for Serverless Backends — Explores some of the different methods of monitoring/debugging serverless apps.


Soketi: A Simple and Fast WebSockets Server“Ever dreamed about Serverless WebSockets? Soketi can be deployed to Cloudflare Workers. All around the world, closer to your users. Same Pusher protocol.” Written in TypeScript.

Soketi Team