#​257 — August 12, 2022

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Seven Tools to Help You Become a Better Serverless Developer — Yan is back with a look at some of the tools he feels makes him a better serverless developer, including VS Code extensions, a database tool, and a CLI tool for working with Amazon EventBridge.

Yan Cui

Introducing the New AWS Serverless Snippets Collection — A new page with common code snippets to discover, copy, and share that can help with serverless development. This post explains what the snippets are and what challenges they help to solve. It also shows how to use them and how builders can contribute to the collection (repo).

David Boyne

Your Database, Now Serverless and Everywhere — Connect your database to PolyScale.ai in minutes and lower global database reads, everywhere. PolyScale’s serverless database edge cache distributes data and query compute closer to your users, for high concurrency, global, low latency data.

PolyScale.ai sponsor

▶  Why The Future of Serverless Databases is Distributed Document-Relational — A half-hour conversation in which James Governor is joined by two folks from Fauna to discuss 'document-relational' databases and why such a flexible approach is so relevant to serverless technology.


Fastly Adds Go(lang) Support to Compute@Edge — Now you can take your Go powered functions to the edge.


Securely Retrieving Secrets with AWS Lambda — AWS Lambda functions often need to access secrets, such as certificates, API keys, or database passwords. This post highlights some solutions to store them securely and retrieve them from within Lambda functions.

Julian Wood


AWS Updates Lambda Pricing Structure — Last week we shared news of changes to Lambda pricing, here’s a summary of what’s changed if you missed it.

Dan Robinson

Three Things to Know Before Building a Multi-Tenant Serverless App
Allen Helton