#​256 — August 5, 2022

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Compute duration (GB-seconds) Architecture New tiered discount
0-6 billion x86 Same as today
6-15 billion x86 10%
Over 15 billion x86 20%
0-7.5 billion arm64 Same as today
7.5-18.75 billion arm64 10%
Over 18.75 billion arm64 20%

AWS Lambda Announces Tiered Pricing — As of the August 1st billing cycle, there is now tiered pricing for Lambda based on monthly compute usage in gigabytes/second. Great if you use Lambda a lot, but less interesting if you're a light user. This blog post has a few examples of how the new tiered structure plays out in practice (with intimidating 6 digital totals on display) but we've included the pricing above for reference.

Heeki Park (AWS)

Stop Managing Infra. Start Building Serverless — CockroachDB serverless was created by developers who dislike managing servers *for* developers who dislike managing servers. Because babysitting your database when you could be coding is nobody’s idea of a good time.

CockroachDB sponsor

qStash: A Messaging and Scheduling Service for Serverless RuntimesUpstash is best known for its serverless Redis (and Kafka) platforms, but they’ve now added a layer on top to act, as they say, as “glue for your serverless functions.” Compared to SQS it’s quite expensive but is truly pay-as-you-go, and there’s a cap.


How Cloudflare Emerged to Take on AWS, Azure, and GCP — This internet security and edge infrastructure company has “reinvented itself to challenge the hyperscale cloud providers”. Scott asks "can it succeed?" but we think it already has!

Scott Carey


Grafbase: Instant Serverless GraphQL Backends — A new edge-native data platform for shipping backends, combining GraphQL, serverless, and Edge Computing. Currently in private beta. Lets you "go from idea to serverless GraphQL backend in seconds," apparently.


Periodic Data Updates with Next.js and Vercel Serverless Functions — Keep data current complete withinin Next.js and having to resort to cron jobs or other sorts of external workarounds.

Andreas Thomas

Use Next.js and Vercel to Build a Live App with Serverless WebSockets — Explains how to use Next.js and Vercel to build an app with shared live features provided by Ably.

Mark Lewin


Amplify CLI 9.2 – Toolchain for simplifying serverless web/mobile development.
Firecracker 1.1.1 – Secure and fast microVMs for serverless computing.
SST 1.6.7 – Framework to build serverless apps in JS/TS, Go, Python, C#, and F#.