#​255 — July 29, 2022

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AWS Step Functions Expands Its AWS SDK Integrations with Support for Three Additional Services — Amazon’s low-code, visual workflow service has expanded its AWS SDK integrations with support for three more services (Amazon Pinpoint API 2.0, AWS Billing Conductor, and Amazon GameSparks), it also adds support for 195 more API actions, bringing the total now supported to 223 AWS Services and 10,000+ API Actions.


🤖  Bill 1.x: The AWS Serverless Cost Optimization Bot — This software proactively monitors AWS infrastructure costs to help identify unforeseen expenses and "prevent AWS customers from receiving bad surprises in their monthly bill." So it's basically Corey Quinn written in TypeScript.

Christian Bonzelet

🧈 ButterCMS Melts into Your Serverless App. #1 Rated Headless CMS — ButterCMS is your content backend. Enable your marketing team to update website + app content without needing you. Try the #1 rated Headless CMS, free for 30 days.

🧈 ButterCMS sponsor

A Serverless Testing Strategy — Describes different automated testing options for serverless apps on AWS, and gives a recommended strategy to follow.

Jérôme Van Der Linden


The Serverless API Versioning System You Wish You Had — Two ways to define a header based API versioning system using AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda.

Valentin BEGGI

Create a Serverless Notification App using Azure Web PubSub Service and Azure Functions — A walkthrough tutorial explaining how to use Azure Web PubSub service along with Azure Functions to build a serverless application.


Serverless Internationalization — Looks at how to build serverless solutions once and with extensibility so they can be consumed in different locales safely.

Lee James Gilmore


serverless-offline 9.1 – Emulate Lambda and API Gateway locally.
aws-lambda-go 1.34 – Samples & tools for Go devs building on AWS Lambda.
serverless-step-functions 3.8 – Step Functions plugin for Serverless Framework.
Zitadel 1.87 – Serverless identity management.
WasmEdge 0.10.1 – WebAssembly runtime for the cloud.