#​250 — June 24, 2022

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Why I Switched from AWS CodePipeline to GitHub Actions — Serverless expert Paul Swail has long been a CodePipeline and CodeBuild fan, but he's found a better solution in the shape of GitHub Actions and explains why he think it's easier to build and maintain pipelines with it, even if all your work is otherwise in the AWS ecosystem.

Paul Swail

AWS Aurora Serverless v2 — What’s New From V1? — V2 is a much more mature product than what came before, though it doesn't come cheap.. Here’s a run down of some key features and why they matter. (Even if some folks argue it's not truly serverless.)

Sam Gibbons

🥬 Prefer your database MongoDB shaped? Kevin Jernigan went on the Serverless Chats podcast to discuss MongoDB Atlas's new serverless offering.

Build for Scale from the Start with CockroachDB — CockroachDB’s serverless database helps developers minimize ops headaches and infrastructure costs from the start, while also providing peace of mind in knowing that their database will scale effortlessly as workloads grow. Try CockroachDB today.

Cockroach Labs sponsor

Survey Says Serverless Usage Not Popular in Workplaces? — Only about one in five IT professionals in a new survey by DigitalOcean said they use serverless at their organization.

Lawrence E Hecht

▶  Script Injection with Cloudflare Workers — How should you go about injecting a <script> into absolutely 100% arbitrary HTML? This podcast, looking at experiences the folks at Codepen have had, digs into how Cloudflare Workers can help.

CodePen Radio podcast

Continuously Deploy Serverless Apps on AWS from Monorepos — A thorough walkthrough of the process, though a (free) Semaphore account is used.

Tomas Fernandez

Middy 3.1: Node.js Middleware Engine for AWS Lambda — A popular way to simplify your code when building Node.js-powered serverless functions on AWS Lambda.

Luciano Mammino

Building a Quiz with Eleventy and Eleventy Serverless — Eleventy Serverless allows you to do SSR via serverless functions in an Eleventy application and Ray uses this to build a demo that generates dynamic quizzes.

Raymond Camden

Google Cloud Run and a Decision Tree for Your Serverless Needs — Why you might choose Cloud Run over Functions or vice versa.
Abirami Sukumaran


Here's a new section that we'll occasionally include, highlighting some recently updated and popular projects/repos that are of relevance to the serverless space:

AWS Amplify CLI 9.0 – AWS's toolchain for simplifying serverless development.
Komiser 2.7 – A cloud environment inspector to track spending on AWS, GCP, etc. deno-lambda 1.23 – A Deno runtime for AWS Lambda.
Midway 3.3.14 – Node.js serverless framework.
Quirrel 1.9.2 – Task queueing for serverless.
workers-rs 0.0.10 – Write Cloudflare Workers in 100% Rust via WebAssembly.
aws-lambda-go-api-proxy 0.13.3 – Port Go HTTP APIs to Lambda + API Gateway.