#​249 — June 17, 2022

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MongoDB Atlas Serverless Instances Go GA — Last week’s MongoDB World conference brought us news that their serverless instances are now generally available, and the price to use them has dropped significantly too.


'No, AWS, Aurora Serverless v2 Is Not Serverless' — Argues that the recently released highly available, fully managed SQL database is a touch “misleading with the ‘serverless’ descriptor”.

Maciej Radzikowski Opinion

Be Amongst the First to Shape Our New Dev Community — Bitmovin is excited to announce our Developers Community. We want to give developers from around the world a place where they can connect, explore, learn, share their experience, and shape the future of video streaming, together. Join us today!

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Adventures in AWS Lambda Land: A Migration Gone Well — Lessons learned moving from long-running processes hosted in containers (ECS) to a serverless-based approach, including some annoying-but-still-better-anyway gotchas.

Jacob Martin (Spacelift)

Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions with Serverless and Kubernetes Native Java — How serverless tech can go some way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions via native features with milliseconds first boot time, tiny resident set size memory and scalability.

Daniel Oh

Flipping Business Rules in Serverless — Should you put AWS step-function centrally in your application? This post explores the architecture considerations.

Kevin van Ingen

How We Handle Repeated Tasks using Amazon EventBridge and AWS Lambda — Todo apps can be infinitely more complex with repeated todo tasks. This post explores handling such complexity in production with the AWS stack.

Mike Rudge

A Serverless Solution to Just-in-Time Scheduling — Here’s a quick overview of an CDK construct to add to your stack for event scheduling. Repo here.

Adèle Gauvrit

⚡️ In Brief:

▶  Write Your Lambda Functions using TypeScript with AWS SAM
Marcia Villalba

Triggering AWS Lambda Functions from Serverless Kafka
Tobias Wissmueller

MongoDB vs DynamoDB Head-to-Head: Which Should You Choose?
Shawn Adams

Serverless Puppeteer: Use Cases in 2022
Emil Hein

AWS Step Functions: Are Active Executions Affected When Your State Machine Gets Updated?
Pubudu Jayawardana

How Serverless Changes The Way Developers Build and Test
Matt Asay