#​248 — June 10, 2022

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Seven Reasons Why Serverless Encourages Useful Engineering Practices — Much in the same way that the 12 factor app methodology previously introduced numerous useful practices into the app development and deployment field, so now does the challenge of building serverless apps, whether it's through ubiquitous infrastructure-as-code, loose coupling, or self contained execution environments.

Anna Geller

When Serverless Really Shines (and When to Avoid It) — Ok, from a marketing perspective Serverless may have been pushed hard in recent years as “a magical solution for all our problems” 😅 As it goes, the author counters, adding that we shouldn’t get carried away, and noting that serverless is “a niche pattern for high-compute, low throughout applications”. We think that's a bit limiting, but serverless is a big tent..

Sylvain Kerkour

Self-Hosted, Open-Source Firebase Alternative — Appwrite is a secure, self-hosted solution that provides developers with a set of easy-to-use REST APIs for their core backend needs. Build fast and own your data with Appwrite! Click here to learn more.

Appwrite sponsor

New Major Release of Durable Functions for Node.js — Here’s a new major version of the Durable Functions NodeJS SDK — it claims to reduce orchestration time by more than 50%. There’s a few breaking changes you’ll want to be aware of too.

David Justo (Microsoft)

Amazon EMR Serverless Now Generally Available: Run Big Data Applications without Managing Servers — We seemingly missed this news last week, so here it is: A serverless deployment option for running big data analytics apps using open-source frameworks (like Apache Spark and Hive) without the need to configure, manage, and scale clusters or servers — now GA.

Channy Yun (AWS)

It’s a Serverless and Containerized World — Last week we linked to Datadog’s 2022 State of Serverless survey results. Here, David reflects on the findings, chiefly how cloud solutions are focused on the popular combo of serverless and containers.

David Linthicum

▶  Discussing Tactical Serverless with Lee Gilmore — A 45-minute chat with serverless architect Lee Gilmore about the complexities of taking serverless apps to production, what 'Tactical DDR' is, why serverless threat modeling is so important, and more.

Serverless Chats podcast

How to Build a Multilingual Dashboard with Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSightQuickSight is a serverless business intelligence service. This post looks at how, combined with Athena, you can create multilingual dashboards at the data level.

Francesco Marelli (AWS)

Let's Make a QR Code Generator with a Serverless Function — A good, quick example of what cloud functions can be good for. DigitalOcean's new Functions platform is used here.

Geoff Graham