#​247 — June 3, 2022

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The State of Serverless 2022 — Datadog’s annual report looking at trends across the serverless space is back for 2022. Lots of interesting insights here, including data on adoption rates, language choices, Lambda function deployment and preferences, and  more.

...we identified three key themes in how teams are using serverless today. First, serverless compute has become an essential part of the technology stacks of organizations that operate in each cloud. Second, AWS Lambda remains extremely popular among AWS customers, who are using it in new ways to support their unique business needs. Finally, there are meaningful differences between the serverless offerings available within AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and each gives users distinct options for building serverless applications.”


Debugging Serverless Environments Is Difficult — Level up your Serverless debugging experience with Rookout's Serverless Debug Session. Quickly identify problematic areas with the addition of graphic visualization of the serverless function history. Try Rookout's Live Debugger Free Today.

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Neon: An Open Source Serverless Alternative to AWS Aurora Postgres? — This is the codebase behind an eponymously named company (founded by Nikita Shamgunov who co-founded MemSQL) building a multi-cloud serverless Postgres platform and giving us strong PlanetScale vibes.


Handling Data at the Edge with Cloudflare Workers — Still curious as to what the big deal is with edge functions? Well, this post explains what the fuss is about and demonstrates its usage with ‘data at the edge’.

Brian Rinaldi

The Aurora Serverless Road Not Taken — “we’re staring down two diverging roads for Aurora Serverless. AWS now has a v1 and a v2 of the same service, each offering different capabilities and trade-offs”. — Corey explains here how he thinks the recent launch of Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 fails to fulfill the promises of serverless.

Corey Quinn

Quick Optimizations You Should Make to Your Serverless Applications — A few AWS-oriented ways to fine-tune your serverless app to make it perform “better than ever before”.

Allen Helton

AWS SNS vs. SQS - What Are The Main Differences? — SNS is essentially pub/sub, whereas SQS is a queue. But it does go a lot further than that..
Sandro Volpicella

AWS AppSync Introduces New Simplified Console Experience to Deploy Generic Real-time Pub/Sub APIs

How to Deploy a NestJS App on Google Cloud Run with GitHub Actions
Tom Ray

cf-workers-telegram-bot: Run a Telegram Bot on CloudFlare Workers — Telegram is a popular chat system that's particularly friendly to developers and bot use cases.
Sean Behan