#​246 — May 27, 2022

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Azure Container Apps Now Generally Available — At its annual Build conference this week, Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure Container Apps — a way to deliver cloud-native apps with serverless containers in a Kubernetes-based environment that essentially acts as a platform on top of Azure Kubernetes Service.

Daria Grigoriu (Microsoft)

DigitalOcean Functions: A New Functions-as-a-Service Platform — Here’s a new scalable compute solution from DigitalOcean who have joined AWS, Google, Microsoft and others by offering a FaaS-specific service. You get up to 5 seconds per invocation and it supports Go, Node, Python, and PHP as first-class languages for now. The free tier is reasonably generous so it's ripe for testing.

Anshu Agarwal (DigitalOcean)

Finally, a Database Designed with Devs in Mind — Automate scale, high availability, deployment and operations for your applications with CockroachDB — a serverless database designed to let you start fast, pay as you go, and build without worrying about your database.

Cockroach Labs sponsor

Near Real-Time Notifications from Aurora PostgreSQL with Triggers, Lambda, and SNS — This is the sort of plumbing work that AWS is well suited for. This tutorial covers the process of enabling notifications of data changes on a Postgres-compatible Aurora database to be sent through a serverless function and then on to other places via SNS. Just be careful not to send yourself an email every time a table gets a new row added.. ;-)

Wajid Ali Mir and Anjan Mukherjee

⚡️ In Brief:

What Is Edge Compute? It's Kind of Like Knitting Dog Hats — The author calls Edge compute “the new frontier in computing technology” and goes on to explain what it is and why it’s awesome by using some of the oddest metaphors this side of 1985's After Hours.

Austin Gil

Starter Guide: “Things I Wish I Knew Before” for AWS Lambda — Here’s a fairly comprehensive guide to AWS Lambda. Looks at layers, EFS integrations, Edge, concurrency, security, and more.

Tobias Schmidt

Why SQLite May Become Foundational for Digital Progress — If so, this could throw up some interesting challenges as the way SQLite works, out of the box, isn't suitable for every serverless platform as-is.

Peter Wayner