🇺🇦 #​245 — May 20, 2022

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Serverless Status

Securing AWS Lambda Function URLsLambda Function URLs are a handy new AWS Lambda feature but there are some security implications worth keeping in mind given the potential for exposing aspects of your functions or infrastructure more directly than may occur when using API Gateway.

Amitai Cohen

Koyeb: A Serverless Platform That Integrates with Your GitHub Repo — Koyeb now offers a general purpose serverless platform that you can configure through a simple git push or by using Docker containers. fly.io is another player in this space I am keen on, though the servers are more explicit with them.

Romain Dillet (TechCrunch)

APIs to Encode, Play and Analyze Video. Start a 30 Day Trial — Bitmovin provides software and APIs for companies and development teams to build products and services for every industry. Deliver content in unparalleled quality, supported by real-time analytics, on more devices and platforms than the competition.

Bitmovin Inc. sponsor

Why Are So Few Funded Startups Using Serverless? — I’m not entirely sure of the underlying data point behind the assertion, but nonetheless this is a pretty fascinating round up of developer opinions about the utility of serverless approaches, DX, hiring, and other concerns.

Paul Swail

Three Pitfalls of AWS Step Functions and How You Can Avoid Them — Allen warns that, when working with Step Functions “if you’re not careful, you might get in over your head and find yourself struggling to do routine maintenance”. Here’s some advice on keeping your head above water.

Allen Helton

⚡️ In Brief:

Run Next.js Functions in the Background Based on Events and Schedules — A commercial ‘programmable event data platform’ (Inngest) makes the case for using their offering to simplify the automation of background tasks. It includes a reasonably generous free tier to take it for a test drive.


How Not to Test with DynamoDB — Looks at just some of the ways the author has done testing wrong in the hope that you can start out in the right direction.

Seth Orell