🇺🇦 #​244 — May 13, 2022

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Serverless Status

Cloudflare's Big Week:  Announcing D1: Cloudflare's First SQL Database — D1 is Cloudflare’s first SQL database — it’s designed for Cloudflare Workers, is built on the ubiquitous and serverless SQLite, and the beta starts in just a month's time.

Given this is Cloudflare's 'Platform Week', this wasn't the only news from them. They've been really busy with a slew of other announcements including:

Rita Kozlov & Glen Maddern (Cloudflare)

A Cold Start Comparison of AWS Lambda and Cloudflare Workers — A comparison of AWS Lambda, CloudFront Functions and Cloudflare Workers functions around cold start times. The results surprised me a bit in that the average response time wasn’t that different. CloudFront Functions do very well, but are more limited in their capabilities by design.

Fatih Baltacı

Debugging AWS Step Functions Executions with a New Console Experience — Here’s a new opt-in console experience that aims to make it easier to analyze, debug, and optimize Standard Workflows. This post explains the new capabilities, looking at how to debug workflows quickly, sort and filter on state events, and view the input and output path processing for each state.

Benjamin Smith (AWS)

⚡️ In Brief:

Using Next.js ISR with Serverless Cloud — Serverless Inc's cloud platform supports Next.js incremental static regeneration (ISR) rendering method (basically generating static pages at runtime rather than build time). This post walks through how to use it.

Russ Schick (Serverless Inc.)

How to Use Next.js Middleware on Netlify with Edge Functions

Matt Kane & Melanie Crissey (Netlify)