🇺🇦 #​243 — May 6, 2022

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🙈 If AWS doesn't interest you, you might have a quicker than usual skim today, since it's an AWS heavy issue. Fingers crossed the Cloudflare Workers, Azure Functions, or other teams have some big news in coming weeks.. ;-)

Serverless Status

Yan Cui's Testing Strategy for Serverless Apps — It’s always good to see how the experts tackle things and here Yan shares his (opinionated, naturally) thoughts on testing serverless applications. Observability appears to be of much more importance in the serverless sphere than traditional forms of testing.

Yan Cui

We're All Living On It – But What Exactly is 'The Edge?' — You’ll have increasingly heard about ‘the edge’ in terms of where various platforms run their functions, but what exactly is this ‘edge’? An engineer at Netlify breaks down the idea here, but ultimately it’s about running code as close to an end user as possible.

Salma Alam-Naylor

Make Workloads Less Work with CockroachDB — Automate scale, high availability, deployment and operations for your applications with CockroachDB — a serverless database designed to let you start fast, pay as you go, and build without worrying about your database.

Cockroach Labs sponsor

Building a Serverless Backend for Slack on AWS Lambda — A straightforward tutorial covering building a Slack app that integrates with the Giphy API for animated GIF goodness. It has an up to date twist, too, by using Lambda’s new ‘function URL’ feature rather than going through API Gateway. The code itself is in Go, but that’s not a key part.

Abhishek Gupta

▶  Serverless for Frontend Engineers with Swizec Teller — Swizec does courses in using React alongside serverless technologies and speaks with Jeremy and Rebecca here about approaching serverless as a frontend engineer, JavaScript, and troublesome tutorials.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

⚡️ (A Lot of AWS Stuff) In Brief:

Orchestrating S3 Glacier Deep Archive Object Retrieval with AWS Step Functions — Storing files on S3 is one thing, but if you have rarely accessed data you want to store for the long haul, Glacier Deep Archive is one way to do that. But what about building a system to manage the retrieval of such items? AWS Step Functions can be used to organize the process.

Monica Cortes Sack and Dhiraj Mahapatro

elastic pypi 4.0: A Serverless Python Package Index System — I’m not deep enough into Python to know why you’d want to roll your own PyPI repository, but you can now do it serverlessly, at least.

Kyle Hornberg