🇺🇦 #​242 — April 29, 2022

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8 Best Practices for Optimizing Lambda Functions — And, good news, the advice isn’t just “rewrite everything in Rust!” These are good tips, though, and cover the main bases for ensuring your Lambda-hosted functions are running as well as they should whether it’s tweaking memory settings, setting good timeouts or cutting down on costs.

Tomasz Łakomy

How to Load Test Your Apps For Free by Going Serverless — Stress testing your system can in itself be stressful, but here’s a look at how serverless can quickly and easily run cost-effective load tests with minimal setup.

Allen Helton

The Practical Guide to HDR by Bitmovin — To help demystify and highlight the essentials of HDR, Bitmovin created this practical guide to provide background knowledge around formats, conversions and playback that will empower readers to make informed decisions about their own HDR workflows.

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A Deep Dive into Go for OpenFaaS Functions — The creator of OpenFaaS (a functions as a service layer for Kubernetes) details the new Go templates in OpenFaaS that make life a lot easier (and your apps more robust), as well as improvements that came courtesy of Go 1.18.

Alex Ellis

Serverless Integration Patterns: Orchestration & Choreography — A look at integration patterns based on choreography and orchestration, pros, cons, and when to use them.

Pablo Iorio

Amazon MSK Serverless Now Generally Available: No More Capacity Planning for Managed Kafka Clusters — It’s designed to help you reduce the operational overhead of managing an Apache Kafka cluster by offloading the capacity planning and scaling to AWS.

Marcia Villalba (AWS)

⚡️ In Brief:

▶  Serverless Community Building with Farrah Campbell — A chat with Farrah Campbell about the AWS Developer Community, the importance of developer advocacy, and why serverless and container devs should be friends.

Serverless Chats podcast

Debugging Node.js Serverless Functions on AWS Lambda — Covers a handful of things to look out for.

Dustin Goodman

Ouch! SQS Left A Hole In Your Pocket. So What's Next? — When you're trying to keep those bills down..
Harder Seera

Why I Don’t Like API Frameworks Together with Serverless
Ishtiaque Zafar opinion