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🇺🇦 #​241 — April 22, 2022

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Serverless Status

Netlify Edge Functions: Serverless Compute Powered by Deno — A new, currently in beta, serverless full runtime environment from Netlify. It enables you to run serverless JavaScript/TypeScript functions right from Netlify’s Edge network — with support for several popular frameworks. It’s built on Deno, as such here’s the announcement from Deno’s side of things.

Joey Aiello (Netlify)

Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 is Generally Available…for both Aurora PostgreSQL and MySQL. It’s an on-demand, auto-scaling configuration that allows your database to scale capacity up or down based on your app’s demands.

Marcia Villalba

Introducing Conclave Cloud: Confidential Computing Made Easy — A new confidential computing platform providing a serverless execution environment with built-in privacy-preserving features. Host, execute, and scale your stateless functions on demand whilst your data stays fully encrypted—even during processing.

R3 sponsor

Introducing Multi-Service Deployments via Serverless Framework Compose — Serverless Inc’s new compose feature enables you to deploy multiple services in one command, in parallel, or ordered by dependencies. Details, and a quick video demo, here.

Matthew Napoli

Three Use Cases for AWS Lambda Function URLs — Amazon released support for Lambda Function URLs earlier this month, allowing you to invoke Lambdas directly via HTTPS requests. Here’s some ideas for just how you may want to use them.

Hudson Tavares

aws-lambda-go: Libraries, Samples, and Tools for Go and AWS Lambda — Libraries, samples and tools to help you build functions for AWS’s flagship serverless platform. v1.30.0 has added request and response types for Lambda’s new Lambda Function URLs feature.

Amazon Web Services

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