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Chris Brandrick and Peter Cooper, your editors

🇺🇦 #​240 — April 8, 2022

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Serverless Status

Introducing AWS Lambda Function URLs: Built-In HTTPS Endpoints for Functions — If your needs are simple enough, maybe you can say goodbye to API Gateway! This new feature (now generally available) lets you add HTTPS endpoints to any Lambda function and also optionally configure Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) headers. (Use the Serverless Framework from Serverless Inc? Well, support for Function URLs is already in place).

Alex Casalboni (AWS)

Taking the Journey from Zero to 100 Deploys a Day (PDF) — Elite teams capable of deploying many times a day didn't get there overnight. This book breaks down how they did it into 3 phases: deploy 1x a week --> 1x a day -> Nx a day. By Dylan Etkin, formerly a founding engineer of Jira at Atlassian.

Sleuth sponsor

Making Serverless Spark Even More Powerful — The Google Cloud team are introducing Serverless Spark integrations with Vertex AI, BigQuery, and Dataproc for GKE — making the autoscaling service ready for interactive development.

Abhishek Kashyap (Google)

⚡️ In Brief:

How to Build Lightning Fast APIs with AWS Step Functions — Step Functions are seemingly becoming a de facto standard for building workflows in AWS. Here’s how to configure them with your REST APIs.

Allen Helton

▶  Security in the Cloud with Merritt Baer and Megan O'Neil — A ~45 minute discussion on how to think about security choices around services and resources in the cloud, how serverless extends the shared security model, and more.

Serverless Chats podcast

Use Parallelism to Optimize Querying Large Amounts of Data in DynamoDB — DynamoDB is infamous for its abilities to scale and handle reads and writes at huge parallel scale (Amazon uses it itself, after all). This post takes a Java-flavored look at making the most of parallelism when using it.

Zoran Ivanovic (AWS)

🍓 Get JAMstacked...

Serverless and the Jamstack are two topic areas which often cross over, with a growing range of complimentary tools and services. So, if you find youself working with the Jamstack you may like JAMstackeda fortnightly email update from Brian Rinaldi covering the evolving Jamstack space. Here's the latest issue.