🥧 #​237 — March 18, 2022

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Serverless Status

AWS Celebrates 16 Years of S3 — Amazon S3 was launched 16 years ago this week on what is often called ‘Pi Day’ (3/14.. get it?) on March 14, 2006 as the first generally available AWS service, and now one of the cornerstones of many serverless apps.

Jeff Barr

Celebrating Pi Day with Google Cloud Functions — More Pi Day festivites — Keen to show off the capabilities of the 2nd generation version of Cloud Functions, two GCP developer advocates share their tale of using Cloud Functions and Node to serverlessly calculate Pi to many millions of digits before then creating a serverless API to offer those digits up to the masses.

Iwao and Ford (Google)

Announcing Build Matrix — See how we reduced a 402-line pipeline YAML down to 160 lines 📉

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AWS Lambda Console Now Supports Sharing Test Events Between Developers — In the Lambda console you can define events to test your functions and then invoke Lambdas with them. Till now, they were scoped to individual developers but now you can make them available to other team members too.

Amazon Web Services

▶  Serverless-First Engineers and the Flywheel Effect — A chat with David Anderson about the importance of being 'well-architected', what companies must do to embrace a serverless transformation, the evolution of serverless-first engineers, and more. (Oh, and Jeremy has teased an upcoming episode with Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon.)

Serverless Chats podcast

A Serverless Monitor for Desired Physical Media on Discogs — If you’re into music at all, particularly on vinyl, you may be familiar with Discogs and its marketplace. One developer wanted to keep an eye on new items popping up that he wanted to buy, so he built this serverless system to do just that.

Jordan Hornblow

⚡️ In Brief:

Implementing Mutual TLS for Java-Based AWS Lambda Functions — Mutual TLS refers to both client and server authenticating each other while establishing a connection (rather than just a client identifying the server, as is more common with TLS).

Mahapatro and Mueller (AWS)

Three Serverless, Lambda-less API Patterns with AWS CDK — Lambda is far from the only way to go serverless on AWS nowadays.

Roger Chi

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