🇺🇦 #​238 — March 25, 2022

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Serverless Status

AWS Lambda Now Supports Up to 10 GB Ephemeral Storage — Previously Lambda functions offered 512MB of ephermal storage, but you can now configure that up to a whopping 10GB (10,240 MB, to be exact) although you'll be paying a little extra for it. This could make some data intensive workloads (e.g. ETL jobs or ML inference) a little smoother and reduce the amount of managing data coming in and out of S3, say.

Channy Yun (AWS)

Finding the Fastest Runtime for AWS Lambda Functions — If you’re curious, here’s a performance comparison of Lambda functions written in Java, Node, Python, .Net, and Go (with plenty of charts to help visualise the differences). A fun experiment, but most teams are surely unlikely to choose technology on this basis :-)

Emin Bilgic

Build Real-Time Apps Using Python and InfluxDB Open Source — Write your apps in Python with this step-by-step tutorial for InfluxDB. Use our code snippets, adapt, or write your own using the CLI.

InfluxData sponsor

Building Your Own Pocket-Sized 'Cloud' with a Raspberry Pi — Alex Ellis of the OpenFaaS project demonstrates how to put the cloud in your pocket with a basic Raspberry Pi, faasd (no Kubernetes needed), and deploying your own functions to it.

Alex Ellis

Shuttle: A New Rust-Oriented Serverless Platform — It’s early days for this platform that’s in alpha but they’re looking for Rust developers to kick the tires a bit.


Running Cross-Account Workflows with AWS Step Functions and Amazon API Gateway — If you’re a heavy AWS user with multiple accounts and you want to orchestrate things, here’s one approach.

Hardik Vasa

Building SaaS Products Efficiently on AWS — Thoughts on the tradeoffs that SaaS app developers make between legacy approaches and platforms heavily oriented around event-driven services like AWS.

Randall Hunt

Build Serverless APIs with Node.js and AWS Lambda — An introductory look at how to create and deploy Lambda functions with Node and AWS SAM.

Ayooluwa Isaiah

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