#​236 — March 11, 2022

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Serverless Status

How to Build a Serverless Image Catalog with AWS Step Functions Workflow Studio — How to implement a serverless image cataloging pipeline using Step Functions Workflow Studio – a more visual/drag-and-drop way to create step functions apps.

Vogel and Meyer (AWS)

▶  Demystifying Serverless — This recent half-hour video covers serverless at a high level, looking at its overall definition, history, use-cases, and future.

Marc Duiker

Run Open Source Unikernels - Serverless Without Lockin — Unikernels fully embrace the serverless lifestyle without being tied down by cloud lock-in. With no servers to manage, easily deploy to any cloud while getting better performance, security and persistence. Deploy your first unikernel in seconds.

NanoVMs sponsor

Xata Raises $30M to Launch a Serverless Database with the Usability of a Spreadsheet — A series A investment co-led by Redpoint and Index Ventures for a, currently in beta, serverless database. Guillermo Rauch of Vercel even weighs in on the news, saying: "Xata delivers on a great developer experience and a gorgeous admin UX."

Monica Sarbu (Xata)

Building Serverless Multi-Region WebSocket APIs on AWS — A look at an interesting architecture for a global real-time chat app by using WebSockets and cross-region communications behind the scenes.

Freiberg and Ziller (AWS)

Lessons Learned From Switching to AWS SDK v3 — Still got code using the v2 SDK? This post dives into lessons learned from switching your Node.js Lambda functions over to the latest version.

Allen Helton

⚡️ In Brief:

How to Create a Lambda Function with Python and CockroachDB Serverless — Looks at using Python to create and deploy an AWS Lambda function that connects to a CockroachDB Serverless database.

Charlie Custer (CockroachDB)

Making a Discord Playlist Bot with Serverless CloudServerless Cloud is a serverless platform from Serverless Inc., the folks behind Serverless Framework. This post ties together Node.js with some specific Serverless Cloud features to easily create a Discord chat bot that can add songs to a shared Spotify playlist.

Ben Miner

How copebit Takes Advantage of AWS Proton — Back in 2020, AWS first teased AWS Proton as a new way to automate and manage the provisioning of serverless and container apps. It went GA last year but hasn’t been written about much given its orientation towards larger pure AWS shops, so it’s neat to see a case study.

Marco Kuendig and Simone Pomata

A Data Story of Terabytes and Serverless: The L’Oréal Beauty Tech Data Platform — Data warehousing at beauty leader L’Oréal got a makeover of its own when the company selected BigQuery and Cloud Run as the basis for its data analytics platform. This post outlines their approach to building a modern data platform on fully managed services.

Antoine Castex

Composing AWS Step Functions to Abstract Polling of Asynchronous Services — Describes how to compose a nested Step Functions workflow, which asynchronously manages a custom service using the polling mechanism.

Baer, Sarikaya, Khodjaev (AWS)