#​235 — March 4, 2022

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AWS Launches Carbon Footprint Reporting Tool — When you’ve got a piece of equipment in front of you, there are ways to work out its environmental impact, but what about when you have the entire mysterious power of the cloud working for you? Trickier. To help, AWS has unveiled a tool to calculate and visualize carbon emissions based upon your AWS usage. Google Cloud and Azure have similar tools.

Amazon Web Services

How We Sped Up Our TypeScript Serverless Builds Ten Times — What previously took ten minutes (using serverless-webpack to bundle 70 TypeScript lambdas) now takes just one. Here’s how.

Arseny Yankovski

How to Use Rustlang’s Async Tokio for CPU-Heavy Jobs — We've all heard Tokio shouldn't be used for large data processing tasks like those run by analytics engines, but we found it could be a powerful tool for scheduling — with a few caveats.

InfluxData sponsor

How We Scaled the 'Credit Genie' Platform with AWS Serverless — A case-study looking at going from an MVP to a full-scale platform with over 20 AWS Amplify applications.

Alex Kates

Hosting a React App with OpenFaaSOpenFaaS is an open source serverless function platform that sits on top of Kubernetes and it’s possible to host React-based apps in such a way. This post touches on all the main points, including cost.

Alex Ellis

Migrating a Monolithic .NET REST API to AWS Lambda — Shows the required considerations for moving a .NET Core-powered REST API on to using AWS Lambda.

James Beswick

▶  Talking About Teaching What You Learn with Tomasz Łakomy — The co-founder of the Cloudash serverless monitoring tool joins our favorite serverless podcast to talk about growing as an engineer, helping others to grow, and, of course, the process of creating Cloudash.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

Mangum: AWS Lambda Support for Python ASGI Applications — Supports ALB and CloudFront Lambda@Edge too and is compatible with frameworks like Starlette, FastAPI and Quart. GitHub repo.

Jordan Eremieff

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