#​234 — February 25, 2022

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Serverless Status

Happy 10th Birthday, DynamoDB (Again – But This Time There's a Party) — Technically Amazon marked this milestone last month but this post is a more technical roundup from the AWS team itself. They’ve also announced a virtual event on March 1 that promises a full day of DynamoDB related talks – we hope there's cake.

Sébastien Stormacq

Opinion: Vercel, Netlify, and the New Era of 'Serverless PaaS' — An emerging set of vendors is trying to simplify the job of web development, again. Is this the next generation of platform as a service, or something completely different?

Scott Carey (InfoWorld)

Use Group Step Type to Better Organize Complex Pipelines ✨ — The group step allows steps to be displayed in logical groupings and nested under a top level group, displayed as the step label on the build page 🏗 👀

Buildkite sponsor

Is Serverless Just a Stopover for Event-Driven Architecture? — Questions whether serverless may be a “more limited sub-pattern case of a much bigger trend” in event-driven architecture.

Mark Hinkle

▶  Discussing Configuration over Code with Eric Johnson — Jeremy and Rebecca chat with Eric Johnson (a developer advocate at AWS) about the emergence of Step Functions within serverless apps, as well as the importance of serverless advocacy and teaching.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

How to Run Every Node.js Version on AWS Lambda — Node.js has been a first class platform on AWS’s serverless platform from day one, but the versions you can (easily) use have been limited to a subset. Everynode, however, provides a way to use any version of Node on AWS Lambda from v11 upwards.

Tomasz Janczuk (Fusebit)

Serverless Offline 8.5: Local Emulation of AWS Lambda and API Gateway — An interesting Serverless Framework-oriented alternative to AWS SAM Local that supports Node, Python, Go and Ruby runtimes.

David Hérault

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