#​233 — February 18, 2022

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Serverless Status

Google Cloud Unveils the Next Generation of Cloud Functions — Google’s second generation cloud-based functions-as-a-service platform is now in public preview. Here’s some more detail on the infrastructure, coverage, and support you can expect. The big wins? Larger instances, longer execution times allowed, more concurrency (up to 1000 concurrent requests), and the ability to split traffic between revisions of functions.

Ramachandran, Mathai (Google Cloud)

Netlify Graph: A Faster Way for Teams to Develop Web Apps with APIs — Netlify Graph allows you to connect external APIs like Stripe, GitHub and more via your site’s Netlify dashboard and then call them from within your application via a GraphQL API. The service, now publicly available, will also generate the backend and frontend code needed to connect to the API for frameworks like Next.js, Remix and more.


Instant GraphQL APIs on Your Data | Get Started in 30 Seconds — Set up a production-ready serverless GraphQL backend with Hasura instantly by connecting it to your data sources. Hasura is loved by developers and has been downloaded over 400M times making it the fastest growing open source GraphQL engine.

Hasura sponsor

Amazon Elastic File System Gains Sub-Millisecond Read Latency — EFS is a handy service for when numerous applications or AWS services need shared access to file-based data (such as Lambda functions!) and while it’s always been reasonably fast, it’s now even more so with 2x the performance of before.

Jeff Barr

Building Custom Connectors using the Amazon AppFlow Custom Connector SDK — A look at how to extend the Amazon AppFlow service to move data between SaaS endpoints and custom APIs, as you can now build custom connectors using the Custom Connector SDK.

Sharlandjiev, Jang, Mahapatro

The Best of Both Worlds? Serverless Cloud + Next.js — A quick tutorial demonstrating how you can use Serverless Cloud and Vercel together.

Russ Schick

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