#​232 — February 11, 2022

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Serverless Status

Introducing AWS Virtual Waiting Room — This new, open-source waiting room solution from AWS is available now and uses a whole batch of AWS services to work (Lambda, SQS, API Gateway, and more). It can help buffer users during times of peak demand and sudden bursts of traffic (like when trying to buy a PS5 or gig tickets say), in turn preventing systems from resource exhaustion.

Justin Pirtle, Joan Morgan, Jim Thario (AWS)

Introducing Serverless Cloud Events — This new feature from Serverless Inc lets developers quickly build event-driven serverless applications, putting it on par with similar offerings from AWS.

Jeremy Daly

Set Up a Serverless GraphQL Backend in 30 Seconds with Hasura — Create a powerful GraphQL API on your data instantly without the need to build & operate a GraphQL Server. Hasura GraphQL Engine is loved by developers and has been downloaded over 400M times making it the fastest growing open source GraphQL service.

Hasura sponsor

MicroVM Virtualization Solution Firecracker Reaches 1.0 — Originally developed at AWS to power Lambda, virtualization technology Firecracker enables creating and managing secure microVMs for serverless computing. Release notes here.

Sergio De Simone

A Magical AWS Serverless Developer Experience — Highlights some of the unique benefits of going all-in on a serverless stack.

Akos Krivachy

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