#​231 — February 4, 2022

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Serverless Status

Google Cloud Unveils Autoscaling Serverless Spark Service — Sadly it’s called Dataproc Serverless rather than the catchier Serverless Spark but nonetheless, if you want to work with the Apache Spark ecosystem with as few ops headaches as possible, this is a new option.

Google Cloud

Netlify Acquires Quirrel and Adds Scheduled Functions — Netlify acquired Quirrel, an open source solution and service for managing and scheduling the execution of serverless functions, and has added scheduled functions to their offering via Netlify Labs.


Instant GraphQL APIs on Your Data | Get Started in 30 Seconds — Set up a production-ready serverless GraphQL backend with Hasura instantly by connecting it to your data sources. Hasura is loved by developers and has been downloaded over 400M times making it the fastest growing open source GraphQL engine.

Hasura sponsor

Mocking AWS Service Integrations with AWS Step Functions Local — Now that Step Functions supports over 200 service integrations on the AWS platform, its utility has skyrocketed. Step Functions Local is a good way to test state machines locally before deployment but have, till now, required you still call real AWS backend services when testing your integrations. No more! Enter AWS’s new Mocked Service Integrations.

Sam Dengler and Dhiraj Mahapatro (AWS)

DynamoDB: Everything You Need To Know About Single Table Design — Looks at the scalability and query capabilities offered by Amazon's famously serverless, fully-managed, NoSQL datastore. If this area interests you, you'd also want to check out Alex Debrie's older What, Why and When of Single Table Design with DynamoDB and then any of Rick Houlihan's fantastic ▶️ advanced DynamoDB design talks.

Sarit Pinhas

Using the Circuit Breaker Pattern with AWS Step Functions and Amazon DynamoDB — A look at how to use the circuit breaker design pattern to help with graceful service degradation.

Anitha Deenadayalan

Serverless: Focusing on 'Actors' and Their Activities — Thinking about serverless from a more systems level POV: “Armed with the recognition that people are the drivers of change, we can start to architecture our serverless software systems so that they enable change”.

John Gilbert

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