#​226 — December 10, 2021

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Introducing Serverless Storage for Serverless Cloud — Serverless Inc introduced their Serverless Cloud platform in the last few months and now in addition to its Data offering, they have a Storage system for storing larger blobs of binary data, files, and what not.

Jeremy Daly (Serverless, Inc.)

Anyscale Raises $100M for Its Parallel, Serverless AI System — UC Berkeley’s RISELab alum Anyscale is now set to scale up its business. It’s not your typical ‘upload some JavaScript and run it’ type platform, though, but oriented around Ray, a Python framework for building highly parallelized AI oriented solutions.

Alex Woodie

Build a Serverless Lambda Function with InfluxDB — How to use InfluxDB to build a serverless app for IoT or DevOps monitoring using AWS Lambda, InfluxDB Python client library, and the Postman plugin.

InfluxData sponsor

▶  Serverless Chats Live from AWS re:Invent 2021 — Well, it was live when re:Invent happened earlier this month ;-) Jeremy and Rebecca caught up with Ajay Nair and Talia Nassi to talk about all the latest serverless announcements from AWS, what serverless "phase 2" looks like now that people have accepted the operational model, the developer experience improvements being made with things like SAM Accelerate, and much more.

Serverless Chats podcast

▶  Going from Zero to MVP Without Provisioning a Database — The Stack Overflow Podcast chats with Sam Lambert, the CEO of ‘serverless turbocharged MySQL’ startup PlanetScale which recently went GA with its service. (22 minutes.)

Eira May podcast

💡 While we're on the topic of databases, Easybase is another new entrant focused on providing a serverless database platform to React and React Native developers in particular.

Using Redis with Fastly Compute — Brings together two platforms.. Upstash for the serverless Redis, and Fastly Compute@Edge for, well, the compute.

Enes Akar

▶  Build a Color Contrast Checker with Eleventy Serverless — A lightning talk about using Eleventy Serverless to build a zero client-side JavaScript app.

Ben Myers

CI/CD for Serverless SQL Pools using GitHub Actions — Specifically in a Azure Synapse Analytics context.

Kevin Chant

▶  Improving News Recommendations with Cloudflare Workers and Knowledge Graphs — You have to dig around a bit (the actual session doesn't start till 12 minutes in) but this is a talk about using Neo4j from Cloudflare Workers to build a location-aware news recommendation service.

Will Lyon (Neo4j)