#​227 — December 17, 2021

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Serverless Status

The Best of Serverless Status in 2021

It's the final issue of the year and each year we like to take a look back at the most popular items of the year – a little catch up, if you will. Here's 2020's roundup, if you're curious, but otherwise let's see what resonated the most in 2021 🥳

Why We Ditched DynamoDBStories based in real life experience are hugely popular in all of our newsletters, and no exception here with this one about one company's experiences in dropping DynamoDB.

Jack Ellis (Fathom Analytics)

Serverless Framework vs SAM vs AWS CDK — Tooling and tool choice have been perennially popular topics in the newsletter. There are so many ways to structure your AWS Lambda deployments, whether using AWS supplied tools like SAM and CDK, or external things like Serverless Framework, Begin or Arc. In this post, a developer compared three of the most popular approaches with the pros and cons for each.

Sebastian Bille

Learn to Build Serverless Apps with Google Cloud Run — This is a free O’Reilly book in which you’ll learn how to build production-ready serverless apps and services on Google Cloud Run.

Cockroach Labs sponsor

▶  How Does Lambda Work? A Look at the Magic Behind AWS Lambda — An interview with Marc Brooker, one of the top engineers behind the ‘magic’ that forms the AWS Lambda we know and love. He not only covers the early days of Lambda but how Firecracker and ‘micro-virtualization’ work, as well as how container support was added. Videos often aren't that popular with readers but this one really hit the mark and was educational to boot.

FooBar Serverless

Five AWS Lambda Lessons Learned After 2 Billion Function Executions — An Australian fintech company had 250 Lambda functions with around 2 billion executions in total – a big enough deployment to have picked up a hard learned lesson or two.. or five.

Juan Jolainez

Harnessing the Power of Serverless for Long-Running Tasks with AWS Fargate — An illustration/case study of getting the benefits of the serverless approach when using AWS Fargate for handling long running computational tasks that are unsuited for AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions, say.

James Wheatman

CockroachDB Launched Its Serverless Database Platform — A long standing distributed SQL-based database system built with resiliency and redundancy in mind. In the trend of DB providers offering managed services with serverless pricing models, CockroachDB unveiled CockroachDB Serverless priced around how much data you store and how much work your queries do.

Nate Stewart (CockroachDB)

Netflix Explaining Its Cosmos Platform — A substantial writeup from Netflix on Cosmos, a platform that combines ideas from microservices, asynchronous workflows and serverless functions. It was interesting to see their approach and the thought put into it here.

Frank San Miguel (Netflix Engineering)

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We're taking a few weeks off for Christmas and the New Year, but we'll be back with you on January 14, 2022. From all of us here at Cooperpress, season's greetings to all of you, however you celebrate (or not!) 😄
Peter Cooper, your editor