#​225 — December 3, 2021

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The Next Big Evolution in Serverless Computing? — Two leaders at Google Cloud reflect on the trends they see for 2022 when it comes to serverless platforms, including being able to better support legacy workloads, security, more billing flexibility, and portability (via using containers, say). Unsurprisingly, they think their own Cloud Run ticks the boxes already :-)

Jason Polites and Aparna Sinha (Google)

Announcing AWS Graviton2 Support for AWS Fargate — Graviton processors are Amazon’s custom-built Arm-based CPUs that promise faster performance for the price, as long as your workloads can run on Arm. Now, the second generation of Graviton has come to Fargate, AWS’s serverless container platform.

Channy Yun (AWS)

Meet the Only Bug You’ll Ever Love: CockroachDB Serverless — Spin up your first CockroachDB Serverless cluster in this free course about serverless databases and serverless application development. Enroll before the end of December for a chance to win a free iPad.

CockroachDB Serverless sponsor

AWS Introduces Amazon Redshift Serverless (in Preview) — It’s always great to see AWS release new serverless variants of existing services, and so it goes with Redshift, their SQL-oriented data warehouse platform. It’s the same Redshift you already know but with compute paid for in a per-second fashion (60 minimum). To sweeten the deal, AWS are offering a generous amount of credit to try it out.

Danilo Poccia (AWS)

Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Flexible Server Now GA — In spite of its rather cumbersome name, it’s great to see another managed Postgres service go GA.. sort of. Flexible Server is a mode of Azure’s Postgres offering that provides, unsurprisingly, more flexibility in terms of scaling, configuration customization, and burstable compute.

Sunil Kamath (Microsoft)

Cloudflare Pages Goes Full Stack — Cloudflare Pages and Cloudflare Workers have both been available for a while, but you previously had to build and integrate each separately. This update means you can build and deploy them together.

Nevi Shah

▶  Educating Serverless Developers with Ivonne Roberts — A chat with Ivonne Roberts about becoming an AWS Serverless Hero, what drew her to serverless, and why educating others is an important part of a technical career.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

A Review on SNS, SQS, and EventBridge and When to Use Each

🛠 Code and Tools

Blueboat: An Open-Source Alternative to Cloudflare Workers — There’s much to like about the hyper-efficient Cloudflare Workers approach to serverless and it’s neat to see a developer attempting to provide an alternative you can deploy on your own.

Heyang Zhou

LambdaKiq: Use Amazon SQS and AWS Lambda with ActiveJob — This is aimed at Ruby on Rails users running their apps on AWS Lambda who want Sidekiq-like functionality (a popular background job processor) but running on AWS services.

Custom Ink

Bref 1.4: Serverless PHP 8.1 Made Simple — A framework to write and deploy serverless PHP applications on AWS Lambda. v1.4.0 is focused on letting you use the newly available PHP 8.1.0.

Matthieu Napoli et al.