#​224 — November 19, 2021

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Cloudflare Introducing an Improved Workers Dev Experience with Wrangler 2.0Wrangler is Cloudflare Workers’ developer tool complete with a live development environment and live debugging of functions. Kristian Freeman, one of Cloudflare’s developer advocates, has called it “a mind-boggling seismic shift in developer experience.” In related news, Workers now also supports ES modules.

Partovi and Pai (Cloudflare)

The Unfulfilled Potential of Serverless — Last week we linked to Corey Quinn’s testy 'The Unfulfilled Promise of Serverless' opinion piece (and got a reader complaint for doing so!) and the community reacted in numerous ways. In this piece, Jeremy Daly of the Serverless Chats podcast fleshes out some much needed added context around the discussion of whether ‘serverless’ has delivered on any promises it did or didn’t make.

Jeremy Daly

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PlanetScale, A Dev-Focused Serverless MySQL Platform, Now GA — After hiring a lot of great folks (their CEO was previously VP of Engineering at GitHub, for example) and raising $105M in all, it’s now crunch time for secretive database startup aiming to bring another major relational database into the 21st century in serverless fashion. This is the announcement, but the TechCrunch writeup actually has more background worth reading.


Announcing Serverless Framework v3 BetaServerless Framework is the most heavily used serverless deployment framework and toolkit out there (and still confusingly generically named, I think) so it’s neat to see it aim higher. 3.0 is due early next year but for now we get a peek at its cleaner experience (in terms of logs and errors), improved UI, and smoother onboarding.

Matthieu Napoli

Cloudflare Workers Introduces Relational Database Connectors — Continuing Cloudflare’s busy week, they’ve added a feature for connecting functions to internally hosted relational databases (including Postgres) by way of a tunnel. It’s still early days though.

Sikand, McKeon and Yule (Cloudflare)

💡 Cloudflare's big week continues with more announcements including Durable Objects going GA and the introduction of 'Services', a way to build broader more composable applications on top of multiple functions.

▶  Scaling Your Startup with Brian Scanlan — Features a principal engineer from Intercom talking about scaling, all the way from Rails to microservices (which he loves) to AWS and more.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

Modernizing Deployments with Container Images on AWS Lambda — It was not even a year ago that AWS Lambda first announced container image support but its opened up some neat ways for developers to deploy functions using an abstraction they’re already comfortable with. This post covers using AWS’s CI/CD tools and Docker to roll out such images.

Joseph Keating

Deploying AWS Lambda Layers Automatically Across Multiple Regions — How to create a centralized pipeline to build and distribute Lambda layers consistently across multiple regions.

Ben Freiberg and Markus Ziller

Understanding How AWS Lambda Scales with Amazon SQS Standard Queues — An exploration of Lambda’s scaling behavior when subscribed to SQS standard queues and how to scale faster and maximize Lambda throughput when needed.

John Lee

How a Meat Store Automates Workflows with Airtable and Cloudflare Workers — A little case study from Cloudflare looking at how TriTails Premium Beef, an online meat vendor, handles its workflows.

Erwin van der Koogh and Jacob Hands

Detecting Objects with Serverless, Twilio Video, and TensorFlow.js
Lizzie Siegle (Twilio)