#​223 — November 12, 2021

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Azure Functions 4.0 and .NET 6 Support Now Generally Available.NET 6 was released earlier this week and Microsoft has coordinated a big Azure Functions release with it, too, adding support for the new framework version. It’s available in all Azure regions on Linux and supports Node.js 14, Python 3.7-3.9, Java 8 and 11, PowerShell 7.0, and custom runtimes, as well as .NET 6 of course.

Anthony Chu (Microsoft)

💡 In related Azure Functions news, the Azure Functions OpenAPI Extension is now generally available too, handy if you give your Functions hosted app OpenAPI capabilities for better discoverability to consuming parties. And in even more Azure news, Azure Database for MySQL - Flexible Server is also now GA. Oh, and Azure Web PubSub!

The Unfulfilled Promise of Serverless — Some potentially controversial thoughts from cloud economist and AWS cost expert Corey Quinn. “Say what you will about serverless, it’s failed to live up to its promise and hasn’t proved to be particularly lucrative for anybody” is a bold way to start any opinion piece, and if it doesn’t draw you in, what could? 😆

Corey Quinn

Visualize and Monitor MQTT Messages in an IoT System with InfluxDB — Discover how you can store time series data, using the MQTT protocol, for visualization and analysis.

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▶  Deploying on Fridays with Charity Majors — I’m one of those who would say “don’t deploy on Fridays” but Charity Majors, CTO of Honeycomb, says why not? She also talks about the relationship between serverless and ops, as well as her (and Liz Fong-Jones’) new book Observability Engineering.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

Vercel Edge Functions Now in Beta — Vercel released the beta of their edge functions which work in conjunction with Next.js 12 middleware to allow updates to occur in functions “at the edge” (i.e. on the CDN during the request/response phase).


One Developer's Experiences with Serverless Inc's Serverless Cloud — We’ve mentioned it a few times recently but Serverless Cloud is a new platform from the Serverless Inc folks better known for Serverless Framework. Here’s one developer’s experiences with it so far.

Michael Bahr

Deno Deploy Beta 3Deno Deploy is a multi-tenant ‘JavaScript engine’ running in 28 regions and essentially brings Google’s V8 engine to the edge in a serverless way if you’re happy to use Deno.

Ryan Dahl and Luca Casonato