#​222 — November 5, 2021

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🙂 If you're wondering where we were last week, we took a week off..

Serverless Status
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Azure Container Apps: Microsoft's New Serverless Container Service — Essentially Azure’s take on the Fargate (or Google Cloud Run!) approach of serverlessly running code packaged in containers without any particular opinions on runtimes or underlying models. Kelsey Hightower has a Twitter thread where he took it for a run, concluding it “feels like a limited version of Cloud Run” while acknowledging the future potential and that “serverless based on containers is the future”.

Daria Grigoriu (Microsoft)

Knative 1.0 Released — Knative is a popular ‘enterprise grade’ Kubernetes-based serverless platform developed in close partnership between VMWare, IBM, Red Hat and SAP.

Knative Team

App Performance Blocked By Your Database? — Database scaling can mean cost and complexity. PolyScale provides a plug-and-play serverless edge cache for databases. Scale globally in minutes without writing code or deploying infrastructure.

PolyScale.ai sponsor

How Cockroach Labs Built Its Serverless SQL Database — Cockroach Labs recently launched its automatically scaling, distributed CockroachDB Serverless database and here’s a little look behind the scenes at how it operates.

Andy Kimball

Lumigo Raises $29 Million — Lumigo started life as a service for monitoring AWS Lambda functions but has since branched out into numerous areas. This fundraising round is intended to increase their offerings around serverless and cloud-native observability generally.


A Deep Dive Into Serverless UI with TypeScriptServerless UI is a command line tool that makes it easier to deploy Node-powered serverless apps to AWS Lambda.

Ikeh Akinyemi

Build Workflows for Amazon Forecast with AWS Step FunctionsAmazon Forecast is yet another AWS service I hadn’t discovered yet, but it essentially does time series data forecasting based on historical data.

Péter Molnár and Sachin Doshi

Building a Difference Checker with Amazon S3 and AWS Lambda — The idea is that a Lambda function can log the differences between versions of an object/file uploaded to S3.

James Beswick

Creating AWS Lambda Environment Variables from AWS Secrets Manager — A way to convert information from Secrets Manager into Lambda environment variables.

Andy Hall

Building, Testing, and Deploying Google Cloud Functions with Ruby
Subomi Oluwalana

Last, but not least..

Jeremy Daly, the editor of the off-by-none newsletter and essentially the newsletter equivalent of our neighbor across the hall, turned 43 this week and has shared 24 nuggets of wisdom he's learnt over his time in the industry. Amazingly, I agree with them all! Happy birthday Jeremy 🎂