#​221 — October 22, 2021

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CockroachDB Launches New Serverless Database Platform — CockroachDB is a long standing distributed SQL-based database system built with resiliency and redundancy in mind. In the trend of database companies offering both managed services, and ones with serverless pricing models, CockroachDB has unveiled CockroachDB Serverless priced just on how much data you store and how much work your queries create.

Nate Stewart (CockroachDB)

Backwards Compatibility in Cloudflare Workers — The Cloudflare Workers team has a policy of changes to the Workers Runtime not breaking any apps that are live in production. Seems good, right? It’s complicated, but they answer some of the questions around the policy here.

Kenton Varda (Cloudflare)

Building a Reliable Webhook Delivery System Sucks — Skip the grunt work and let Hook Relay manage all your webhooks for you. Inbound and Outbound? ✅ Automated retries plus delivery history for your users? ✅ Visualize Stripe-quality webhooks for your app, now click here to make it a reality in minutes.

Hook Relay sponsor

Google Cloud Announces Autoscaling Serverless Spark Offering — The snappily named Spark on Google Cloud lets data users of all levels to write and run Spark jobs that autoscale with no time spent managing clusters.

Google Cloud

Choosing a FaaS Provider in 2021 — A run through of some key attributes of numerous serverless platform providers (including GCP, Azure, Amazon, Vercel, and even less commonly encountered ones like Autocode and Alibaba Cloud).

Jesse Martin (Hasura)

Writing Netlify Functions in Rust — Netlify is launching experimental support for Rust in Netlify Functions, with the same developer experience offered for JavaScript, TypeScript, and Go.

Eduardo Bouças (Netlify)

'Please Serverless, Have an Opinion' — An engineer reflects on how while individual serverless platforms can boast unlimited scalability, connecting them all together can still pose serious traditional ops challenges.

Sam Farid

Build and Orchestrate ETL Pipelines with Amazon Athena and AWS Step Functions — How you can use Athena to create ETL pipelines then orchestrate them with AWS Step Functions.

Irani, Kushari, and Sonawane (AWS)

Build Serverless Apps with Go and Custom Handlers on Azure — An 8-unit tutorial on creating Azure Functions using Go. The units are short, though, so this is quickly consumable.


Kotless: A Kotlin Serverless Framework — If you’re using a fan of the Kotlin language, this may be for you, especially as it’s from JetBrains themselves. It makes it easier to deploy Kotlin powered functions to both AWS Lambda and Azure Functions.


How to Test Amazon SQS with Docker using Serverless Framework
Surya Prakash Pandey

Building Dynamic Amazon SNS Subscriptions for Auto Scaling Container Workloads
Mithun Mallick