#​218 — September 24, 2021

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▶  A Live Look at Serverless Cloud — Jeremy Daly of Serverless Inc (and GM of Serverless Cloud, specifically) demonstrates the new platform live in person in a 50-minute session. A particularly useful and practical talk especially for JavaScript developers keen to give serverless a try.

FooBar Serverless

Building a Federated GraphQL System on AWS Lambda — An engineer at IMDb (the popular movie database site) explains how while IMDb uses a monolithic REST based system internally, they were able to create a federated GraphQL system on top of AWS Lambda to help structure their data access approaches better. They then followed up with "Managing federated schema with AWS Lambda and Amazon S3" digging more into long-term schema management in such systems.

Krzysztof Lis

An Operations-Free Document Database with ACID Transactions — Build new microservices in your applications without worrying about your data layer. Create a scalable database with just an API call.

Fauna sponsor

Announcing Azure Functions 4.0 Public Preview with .NET 6 Support — The most notable feature of this new runtime is support for .NET 6.0. But if you want Node.js 14, Python 3.9, Java 11, or others, you’re also in luck.

Anthony Chu (Microsoft)

Xata Raises $5M for a 'New Type of Serverless Database' — Say hello to a new player in the serverless data service space. Like a few other recent entrants to this space, Xata wants to simplify things beyond offerings like Amazon Aurora, which esssentially have serverless billing models tacked on to more traditional services, while being particularly developer friendly. Good luck to them.

Monica Sarbu (Xata)

Miniflare: The Newly Official Fully-Local Simulator for Cloudflare Workers — Several weeks ago we linked to this project when it was an independent effort by Brendan Coll, but now Cloudflare has taken it (and its lead developer) under its wing to improve it and integrate it into the official Cloudflare Workers tooling.


AWS Lambda for Beginners: Overcoming The Most Common Challenges — A post focusing on overcoming three particularly common challenges while building data pipelines with AWS Lambda: external dependencies, package size limits, and setting up a continuous deployment mechanism.

Attila Toth (Timescale)

Why Serverless Projects Are 5x Faster and 50% Lower Cost — Than what, you ask? Well, Andrew’s talking about projects in the ‘multiple commas’ budget level, and finding that serverless platforms are certainly easier to reason about than building data centers.

Andrew Walker

▶  Amplifying Serverless Developers with Ali Spittel — A chat with Ali Spittel, both a popular online educator and a member of the AWS Amplify team, about the use cases and growth of AWS Amplify (essentially a packaged up, simplified way to use certain other AWS services when building mobile and web apps) and how developers can embrace no-code platforms.

Serverless Chats podcast

Creating a Slack Bot with Serverless Framework — The basics of implementing Slack bots with Serverless and hooking one up to PagerDuty on-call schedules.

Joakim Wånggren

Track Twitter Follower Growth Over Time with a Serverless Node.js API — Yet again another great use case for Node.js and serverless. AWS Amplify makes an appearance here, too.

Michael Hoffmann (Mokkapps)

Learn How to Build 'Edge' Apps with Cloudflare Workers and Fauna — Both Cloudflare Workers (the serverless platform) and Fauna (the serverless database system) can operate in data centers closer to end users – this is a very elementary intro to the concept.

Jacob Jackson

Cloudash: macOS Desktop App for Monitoring Serverless Apps — Monitor serverless service performance, invocations, errors and more right from your desktop (if you have a Mac). Costs money but has a trial.

Maciej Winnicki and Tomasz Lakomy