#​219 — October 1, 2021

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AWS Lambda Functions Can Now Run on AWS Graviton2 CPUs — For the past several years, Amazon has been working on their own Arm-based processors and deploying them on EC2 to offer more performance at lower prices and now you can configure Lambda functions to run on Graviton2 processors instead of the usual x86 option.

Danilo Poccia (AWS)

Twisting AWS Lambda to Make an Australian Search Engine — A fun look at a way to twist AWS’s serverless platform to unexpected ends by embedding a large search index into numerous compiled serverless functions and using these to power a small search engine. Beautifully done and with some Go at its heart.

Ben E. C. Boyter

Get Started with JavaScript and InfluxDB 2.0 — How-to guide to monitor your JavaScript application performance and create beautiful web-based visualizations with InfluxDB time series platform.

InfluxData sponsor

Serverless Live Streaming with Cloudflare Stream — Cloudflare’s week of product releases continues with a new serverless end-to-end live-streaming service called Stream Live which works with existing systems like OBS and Zoom.

Zaid Farooqui (Cloudflare)

AWS Step Functions Now Supports 200 AWS Services — How many did it support before today? 17. So it’s quite a jump. Step Functions is a low-code visual workflow service handy for stitching together various AWS services and now it fits into even more places and could reduce the need for things formerly done more manually by Lambda functions.

Marcia Villalba (AWS)

AWS Lambda Now Supports Triggering Lambda Functions from an SQS Queue in a Different Account


Creating a Serverless Face Blurring Service for Photos in Amazon S3 — A good demonstration of tying together a few services. The idea is you store photos in an S3 bucket, faces are detected with Amazon Rekognition, and Lambda glues it all together and performs blurring on any faces detected.

James Beswick (AWS)

Deploying the Same App to Google App Engine, Cloud Functions, and Cloud Run — Google Cloud offers three distinct ways of running apps in a serverless way, each serving different use cases.

Wesley Chun (Google)

Why We Ditched DynamoDB“After being very publicly excited about DynamoDB for over a year, we’ve now completely ditched it.” It’s just one company’s experience, but we all like a good story.

Jack Ellis (Fathom Analytics)

▶  Building an Autoscaling-Over-Time Dashboard with Azure Functions and Durable Entities