#​217 — September 17, 2021

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Harnessing the Power of Serverless for Long-Running Tasks with AWS Fargate — An illustration/case study of getting the benefits of the serverless approach when using AWS Fargate for handling long running computational tasks that are unsuited for AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions, say.

James Wheatman

Building Cloudflare Images in Rust and Cloudflare WorkersCloudflare Images is a new(ish) Cloudflare service that provides image hosting and resizing in the cloud and this post digs into how Cloudflare built it on top of their Workers platform along with some Rust (which might help explain the native Rust support we mentioned last week).

Yevgen Safronov (Cloudflare)

Build a Monitoring Application in Less Than 10 Minutes — With InfluxDB Cloud, you can start collecting metrics in minutes by using one of the popular Telegraf plugins or one of the pre-configured InfluxDB Templates.

InfluxData sponsor

Cloudflare Workers Turns 4, Boasts More Speed — This news makes me feel old as it didn’t feel like that long along that Workers launched, but it’s four years old and, apparently, faster than ever. YMMV, but Cloudflare boasts it’s “30% faster than it was three years ago at P90” and “210% faster than Lambda@Edge, and 298% faster than Lambda.”

Rita Kozlov (Cloudflare)

Google Cloud Run Gets New CPU Allocation Controls — By default, Cloud Run doesn’t allocate CPU outside of request processing, but what about if you want something set aside for background processing? Now you can do it and run asynchronous tasks outside of the normal request pipeline, even leaning on things like Go’s goroutines, Node.js’s asynchronous features, and Java threads.

Steren Giannini (Google)

Building a Virtual Conference Ticket System with Begin, AWS and Puppeteer — From one of the organizers of CascadiaJS comes a piece on creating a virtual event ticket system. Node.js is used but it’s Begin’s Arc serverless deployment mechanism that gets it all running.

Carter Rabasa

▶  Taco Bell's Serverless Order Middleware — Another of AWS’s short, high-level, architectural case studies, this time showing how Taco Bell uses API Gateway, EventBridge, Lambda and other services to fulfill orders for their customers.

Amazon Web Services

▶  Mapping the Inevitability of Serverless with Simon Wardley — Respected researcher (and geneticist!) Simon Wardley talks about the big picture, systems, and behavior, and rather a lot about maps, too. This is a philosophical discussion, serverless style.

Serverless Chats Podcast podcast

AWS SQS vs SNS vs EventBridge — If you need a quick bullet-point reminder of the differences.

Karan Pratap Singh