#​213 — August 13, 2021

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📋 It's August, it's quiet, and a lot of people are on vacation. We're taking next week off so the next issue will be on August 27, and are devoting this issue to reflecting on the biggest stories of 2021 so far, in case you missed any. See you in two weeks! :-)
Peter Cooper, editor

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The most popular serverless stories of 2021 so far

1.  Netflix Explained Its Cosmos Platform — A substantial writeup from Netflix on Cosmos, a platform that combines ideas from microservices, asynchronous workflows and serverless functions. It was interesting to see their approach and the thought put into it here, and you clearly agreed! :-)

Frank San Miguel (Netflix Engineering)

2.  Comparing Serverless Framework vs SAM vs AWS CDK — There remain so many ways to structure your AWS Lambda deployments, whether using AWS supplied tools like SAM and CDK, or external things like Serverless Framework, Begin, or Arc. In this post, a developer compared three of the most popular approaches with the pros and cons for each.

Sebastian Bille

What If Your Project Management Tool Was Fast and Intuitive? — Imagine how much more you could get done if your project management tools didn't make you sigh. Clubhouse is the ideal solution for task management, bug tracking, iteration planning, and reporting. Delight the scrum gods and give us a try.

Clubhouse.io sponsor

3.  ▶️ How Does Lambda Work? A Look at the Magic Behind the Scenes — An interview with Marc Brooker, one of the top engineers behind the ‘magic’ that forms the AWS Lambda we know and love. He not only covered the early days of Lambda but how Firecracker and ‘micro-virtualization’ work, as well as how container support was added. If you prefer an article to a video, Bruno Schaatsbergen covered similar ground in Behind the Scenes of AWS Lambda with a focus on the Firecracker micro-VM system.

FooBar Serverless

4.  Five AWS Lambda Lessons Learned After 2 Billion Function Executions — An Australian fintech company has 250 Lambda functions with around 2 billion executions in total – not a huge deployment, but plenty big enough to have picked up a lesson or two.

Juan Jolainez

5.  How (and Why) You Need To Start Generating Serverless Infrastructure Diagrams — Infrastructure diagrams are a handy way to quickly see all of the moving parts contained with a service and you can automatically build them in your CI pipeline. They key piece is cfn-diagram which generates diagrams from CloudFormation templates.

Allen Helton

6.  Serverless UI: A Command-Line Tool for Deploying Serverless Apps to AWS — If you’d like to deploy functions in a simple, Netlify-style fashion with the Lambda and API Gateway setup handled for you, check this out. It uses AWS CDK under the hood and is a bit more ‘zero-config’ than something like Serverless Framework, say.

Jake Partusch

7.  Vercel Serverless Functions vs Cloudflare Workers — A helpful comparison of two less well understood platforms that clears up some misconceptions people have about both in areas like caching, language support, and limits. For example, Workers has a 10ms or 50ms execution timeout but it’s based on CPU runtime and not clock time.

Alexey Antipov

8.  Spoiled for Choice: Deploying to Three (Google) Serverless Platforms — A Google engineer built a webapp and deployed it to App Engine, Cloud Functions, and Cloud Run. What he learned in the process was how each requires a slightly different structure to your project and a different deployment approach with the pros and cons of each.

Valentin Deleplace (Google)

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