#​212 — August 6, 2021

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What is the Biggest Tradeoff of Going Serverless? — A fun Twitter thread with more replies than you might expect. Some highlights:

Brian LeRoux on Twitter

Modernizing a Familiar Approach to REST APIs, with Postgres and Cloudflare WorkersPostgREST is a tool that generates a REST API for Postgres databases and here we learn how Cloudflare Tunnel could be used to let Worker instances talk to a PostgREST instance hosted on a private network.

Kristian Freeman (Cloudflare)

A Global Serverless Database for All Your Applications — Fauna is the “Data API” for modern applications. Whether you’re building new microservices or augmenting existing services applications, Fauna lets you simplify code, reduce costs and ship faster. Learn more...

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  • Azure Serverless Conf, a free virtual event being put on by Microsoft in September, is looking for speakers. The CFP is open until next Friday (August 13).

  • Moar Serverless is a one day virtual conference taking place next Thursday (August 12) - it features folks like Ali Spittel and Brian Leroux and costs $49 but if you're quick enough, there's a way to get a ticket for free here.

Pre-JITing .NET-Based Functions for AWS Lambda — This gets complicated fast, but if you want to go deep on reducing cold start latencies of .NET Lambda functions, you’re going to find it useful.

Bruno Schaatsbergen

Using SQL Triggers with AWS Lambda — Did you know that Postgres triggers can interact with Lambda-hosted functions directly? A Python specific example of bringing it all together is shown here.

Liav Yona

Serverless Load Testing at Scale with Artillery — Load, smoke, functional and fuzz testing serverless applications using the Serverless Framework and Artillery (a load testing service), with supporting code samples.

Lee James Gilmore

Building an Automated Screenshot Service on Netlify in 140(ish) Lines of Code — Given a URL, return a screenshot image of the associated Web page. A good use for a serverless function.

Zach Leatherman

Serverless Functions as Proxies — Having a serverless function as a proxy in order to protect your keys is a common problem for Jamstack sites making API calls.

Chris Coyier

Being More SEO Friendly with CloudFront and Lambda@Edge
Maria Zacharia

How to Create a Serverless API Using Azure Cosmos DB
Will Velida