#​211 — July 30, 2021

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Gatsby Serverless Functions and the International Space Station — Many eyes have been looking out to space lately, but Paul Scanlon is busy looking at the ISS and how to put together an app for tracking its position on a 3D globe using React, Three.js, and a serverless platform offered by Gatsby called Gatsby Functions.

Paul Scanlon

Cloudflare Workers Now Offers a Green Option — As our planet boils, freezes and floods in various ways, you might be worrying more and more about sustainability and Cloudflare has a way for you to run your (cron-triggered only for now) serverless code solely in facilities powered by renewable energy. It’s in beta now.

Aly Cabral

Set Up a Serverless GraphQL Backend in 30 Seconds with Hasura — Create a powerful GraphQL API on your data instantly without the need to build & operate a GraphQL Server. Hasura GraphQL Engine is loved by developers and has been downloaded over 250M times making it the fastest growing open source GraphQL service. Try for free.

Hasura sponsor

Firecracker Internals: A Deep Dive Inside the Tech Powering AWS Lambda — Is Firecracker yet another new AWS service? Not quite. First, it’s been around for a few years, but secondly it’s a virtualization tech for rapidly spinning up ‘micro VMs’ to perform quick tasks such as.. running your serverless functions.

Tal Hoffman

Regulating Inbound Request Rates on AWS — A series of posts about building well-architected serverless apps. There are a few settings you can tweaks or approaches you can take. Here’s part two.

Julian Wood

Rust and WebAssembly Serverless Functions in Vercel — This post explores how to use WasmEdge functions, written in Rust, to power a Vercel application backend.

Michael Yuan

▶  Talking Serverless with Josh Proto — Josh Proto is the COO of Serverless Guru, co-host of the Talking Serverless Podcast, and an AWS Community Builder, and in this episode he talks about ‘retooling’ yourself for a serverless world, how to grapple with cold starts, and the promise of edge native cloud functions.

FSJam Podcast podcast

How to Set Up Scheduled Backups for Amazon DynamoDB using AWS Backup — Backups are the ideal ‘set it and forget it (till you need it!)’ task.

Dhiraj Thakur (AWS)

How to Build a Modern Shopping Site with Astro and Serverless Functions
Cassidy Williams